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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

21-04-2010 A or B?

Just realized a new trend recently...
Homo sapiens like to propose 2 homo sapien options
and let the homo sapien to choose one...
sounds confusing?

for example, between A and B...which one would u choose?

if in term of lover...
I realize that i have a plus over other homo sapiens
I will be given another gender as option instead of girl only

for example,

Mei Fang

or Jia Haur?

Li Li or Jia Haur?

Xiao Min or Jia Haur?

W commented
"But the guy option only got Jia Haur..."

this kind of game is not only limited to the context of lover only...

how about who is prettier?
(Me, W, Y, Z, O were chit-chatting at old town)

Z :"Z and G?"
(Only 5 of us know who is G)
(SO...shhhhhhhhhh...remain secret k?)

O :"G"

and then Z was like =.=||||||||
(O's EQ is so damn low lar)

Y :"Bong and Z"?

O : "........."
O needed some time to think...
(of course Z is prettier lar..she is a girl!!)
what's O answer?
ah...remain as sexy secret..
but O said I am sexier than Z..
which is a well-known fact already =)



  1. ha ha ha...u wanna compete with who?

  2. of course me la!! i beat all d rest. LOL (btw u n lily's pic looks soooooooo foundation. hahaha)

  3. actually all pics also foundation and first year
    coz normally pic taken with u two all use ur phone or lili's phone
    must copy those pics from u girls dy


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