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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

01-03-2012 Bong & 1st March Holiday

In 2 more hours...
my one week leave will officially begin...

Where am I going this time?
Many people have asked that...

So, will it be this?
 Or this??
No answer for now...
Stay tuned~


Friday, February 24, 2012

25-02-2012 Bong & Oslo Final Chapter

Antique ships at the Museum~
and some Vikings carving..
which I have to admit
they look kinda stunning~
I love this one~
Next we went to 
That's the most famous sculpture 
could you believe it actually got stolen before? 
Touching my butt?
Other fascinating sculpture~
Can I join? Ha ha~
I know it looks..'a bit' wrong!
At night

Dim Sum dinner in Oslo
Dim sum shop with alcohol?
My first try after living 24 years~
and the Dim Sum restaurant 
has like a bar stand kind of thing~
That's a lot of whisky right?
and the bar name is Whisky bar! Lol!! 
London Pub
Bye bye Oslo~
See you real soon!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

22-02-2012 Bong & Oslo Chapter 3

After finish playing with the snow...
it is time to head home~
Around 3pm..
the sky already looked like this
Can I just stay there and never came back?
I really LOVE the surrounding~
 Dinner time~
We had this 
and it had all kind of flavors
 And this 

 The next day,
NORSK Maritime Museum
I didn't enter actually..
since I am not the kind of person 
who is interested in "MUSEUM"
 Just took few pictures outside there
Then we went to 
-To be continued-

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