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Thursday, July 30, 2015

30-07-2015 Bong & His Summer Update (Blue berries~)

since I am still having a bit more holiday
before going back to work in August..
one day I just spent like 4-5 hours at Sognsvann
picking blue berries~
Well, it is not that difficult..
but it certainly challenges your patience...
as you need to bend down most of the time,
pick them one by one gently~
to kill the boredom~
I also took some pictures, 
blog this post~
and of course
1 selfie!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

28-07-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (Fishing in lake - Part 14)

One day 
which was really warm
(like above 20 degrees) 
in the north....
we made a plan to fish
at a nearby lake~
with Kjell!
To start with the fishing activity,
we must found the baits first~
which were the worms~
After digging in the soils
for about... 
20 minutes~
we got enough of worms..
then we departed the journey 
to walk to the lake~
It wasn't such a long walk...
only took about 20 minutes~
But the views along the way
were really amazing~
From hill
to mud~
Finally we reached
the spot for fishing~
Since it was one of 
the warmest summer days 
in north Norway,
I decided to take a swim in this lake~
and gain my first ever swimming experience in the water of
north Norway!
And of course,
with the surrounding being
so incredible~
I also spent some time taking some pictures~
A selfie
with the reflection of the water huh? 

Cold beers
at such
cozy and peaceful evening~
Kjell taught me 
how to fish~
But too bad, 
I didn't have the luck to get any fish that night~
This was Kjell's 
first caught by the way~
Trout fish!
And he also made
very good
'burn' toast
with brown cheese...
that was absolutely delicious!
even though Me and Arne
did not get anything,
it was still a nice evening
spending with friend~
Arne making his bonfire~
me learning how to fish~
And not to forget,
such lovely 


Sunday, July 26, 2015

26-07-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (Tromsø cable car - Fjell­hei­sen - Part 13)

Fjell­hei­sen was one of the places in Tromsø
which we wanted to visit last year~
But to see nice views from there,
it must be clear sky...
Since it was foggy and cold last year when we visited Tromsø
(Around end of August)
we didn't have the chance to do it last year...
and this year,
we finally made it!
The cable car
departs from Solliveien in Tromsdalen 
to Storsteinen on mount Fløya.
(Information quoted from its official website)
Up at 421 meters above 
the sea level,
there are a few cafes where you can sit and enjoy the view
at the upper station~
But more important
to see the panoramic view of Tromsø~

Arne and his eldest son, Andreas
seemed excited to see the view...
And of course,
we were very lucky with the weather too!
The famous Artic Cathedral
with its triangular architecture~
Bridge at another side of Tromsø...
captured together with a ship passing by~

After staying about 20 minutes 
enjoying the views,
we decided to take some coffees at the cafe
since it was not so very warm~
I must say that we were super lucky with the weather...
because just the moment we entered the cafe,
suddenly it started to rain heavily!
After staying there for about 1 hour,
we were done with the visit~
To be honest,
besides the panoramic view of Tromsø city,
it is really nothing much things to do there~
This is how the cable car
looks like~
it is rather big...
can take up to 28 people~
You can also
choose to walk up
instead of taking the cable car~
Last pic of the post~
The beautiful Tromsø city viewed from the top of the mountain...

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