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Monday, September 27, 2010

28-09-2010 Sexy room mates

Why suddenly blogged about roommates?
first is because one of my ex requested to blog about him

since I only have less than 2 months in UTP
so...I tried to do something funny
which is staying more than one room in UTP now.
Well I will get back to my new room later.

Let's review back all my room mates and ex roommates.
- Foundation first semester -
"Nobody / Anybody"
I stayed in a single room during my first semester in UTP.
That's the only semester which I have 100% privacy
and could bring anyone back to my room if I wanted to.
( lol...that did not happpen okay? )

- Foundation second semester until first year second semester -
Duration: 3 semesters
"Aaron Lau"

well, he is not well-known because his name sounds like Andy Lau
the thing that makes him so unique is

His icy cold plus wrong channel and frequency lame jokes
which require me additional 5 seconds to digest them
and then only get them
Well, that's not a bad thing.
At least it is a good attempt!

- Second year first semester -
"Eddy Tan"

How to describe him?
Quiet but genius in playing games
that's all I can say.
Another significant thing is
when I stayed with him
I believe we only switched on our lights for not more than 2 hours per day
the room was dark and freezing the whole time
which I sorta like it.

- Final year first semester until present -
As we all know,
the only thing that can describe him now is
"The ultimate lame King"
blogging about him reminded me of one more thing
I started this blog sort of because of him.
I can't really remember what he had told me about blogging,
but I am sure he was the one who suggested me to blog during internship.
Thanks Anderson.
at least now I have something else to do besides sleeping...

26/09/2010 until present


who are they?

"Tee Ping Hong + Tan Yoon Yeh"
So far I have been sleeping 2 nights at this room
the reason I moved to this room is not because my current roommate Anderson is not good enough
it is just simply because I want to have more fun~
more roommates
sexier and wilder life =)

That's all for this week.
Gotta go
time for class


  1. whose bed r u sleeping in? enuf space for 2 big guy? n y din post d geli siao hugging n touching pics? ^0^

  2. ha ha ha. I wish I could be your roommate too.

  3. @ Fang: shh...dont reveal my sexy secrets here! lol

    @ Anonymous: ha ha ha...well u have to tell me who u are =)


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