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Monday, June 27, 2011

27-06-2011 Mama & Thinking he is going to KL again

It should be
"I did go to KL AGAIN"
Supposedly I spent my last weekend
in Kerteh...
I even planned to wash my bed sheet
do some housekeeping etc
suddenly I got job in Gebeng
and a friend of mine came back from France...
So I decided to pay him a little visit
before he leaves Malaysia again this coming Thursday.

My Dinner at Suka Raja Chulan
Coffee Shake
Hailamese Chicken Chop
(not exactly Hailam style but very nice)
Visited his place at Somerset
And of course,
I also utilized my trip this time by hanging out with
"BIS gang who got into PETRONAS"
SIng K
and celebrated Anderson's Birthday~

And to Yoon Yeh,
Happy birthday to you too tomorrow

And to Wendy,

you got your two handsome boys present already.
Hope you like them~


This post doesn't aim to wish anyone's Birthday.
So, for those that I didn't wish them over here,
please don't feel upset about it~
I wish Anderson, Yoon Yeh and Wendy here simply just because
for Anderson, that's what I did last weekend
and for Yeh and Wendy,
is because theirs' Birthday are close.

please understand that
Mama is BUSY okay!

Monday, June 20, 2011

20-06-2011 Mama & Another Ipoh + UTP Trip

Arrived Ipoh at 4.30am
-Morning Breakfast at Ming Kok-
Dim Sum~
Tee my husband
Yoke Mun my wife

-Lunch time-

Tee's wrong demonstration of modeling a drink
(Will show you the correct one at the end of this post)

-Sing K-

The girls
From left to right
Yoke Mun my wife, Sara my new friend, Evelyn my sister aka secret lover~

The boys
The group~
Please let me sing more~ I give u money okay?

At Red Carpet
"Eddy + Vern"
"Evelyn and Amy taking pic with their idol"
Not to forget,
Thanks Neo Hui Ying for the ticket also~

-Supper (Old town)-

Next morning
or I shall say afternoon...
I and Evelyn stayed overnight at Yoke Mun's place
and we all woke up at 1pm..

and look at how I held the drink and how Tee held the drink
I was showing the product and he was blocking it~
Thanks to Evelyn for noticing that~

That's all for another weekend...
and another RM 200 gone...


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

14-06-2011 Mama & His Little Gathering

One day in KL with friends

with Li Li, Mei Fang and Xiao Min (From left to right)
Me and Xiao Min
-I think Aliff would agree that I look prettier than her in this pic-

Me and Li Li
Haven't seen her for more than 6 months!
Same for Jane and Sumathi..
but forgot to take pictures with them~

with another two friends
but one was much special..
Guess is a he or she?
sexy huh?

Mei Fang
Xiao Min
Chang Hua
Yoon Yeh

And not to forget,
group picture~
Want those or even more pictures?


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