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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

24-02-2010 SickMama

First of all..
thanks to those who like
"be sexy be happy"
u know who u are =)

Why sickMama?
coz Mama is sick now...
and that makes Mama doesn't know what to do
and where to go for this coming weekend...

Watched 'True Legend' 蘇乞兒 with my UTP friends yesterday
suddenly thought of a few romance/love movies that I had watched
some love stories are sweet
because the lovers have perfect ending..
some love stories are more than just sweet
they are memorable...
because their loves are unusual
just like time traveler's wife
I really like the scene where the time traveler has died,
but he managed to appear in his wife's present
because he came from his present
to his wife's future..
even though his wife couldn't get old together with her loved one..
she had so many powerful story in her life..
that she could recall anytime she wanted to

A or B
B or C...
I never knew my own feeling very well actually
when I was terribly sick these few days
I always saw the same person in my dreams
let call this person Z...
but I don't think I have any feeling towards this Z
just don't know why
Z always appear in my dreams
-not sure whether I have accidentally called out Z's name or not-
(lol~ if got, Anderson untung lor)
I also don't think that I and Z would have any kind of future
may be Z is just some powerful stories in my life
When Mama is old
and If Mama have grandchildren,
Mama can tell the grandchildren stories about Z.

update about A and B?
may be next time
Mama needs to rest now
hopefully can get totally recovered
so that Mama can have another exciting weekend

be sexy
-be healthy-


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

18-02-2010 Mama in CNY


First of all
since it is the forth day of CNY
mama wanna wish everyone
and have a sexy new year
be sexy
be happy =)

Returned back to UTP
submitted my preliminary report
and went Vege dinner with
Yoon Yeh,
and Weng Ban.
hopefully this Vege dinner was good enough
to give good impression to Aleap about chinese food

As requested by S
I should update my blog
about A ...
about B ..
S is always curious about my life
ha ha~
and A did update me today as well
seems like I was wrong again this time
I really don't know what to do now
I always think that I am smart enough to control my own feelings
apparently I am not...
B told me before
"Don't get yourself into someone that is already in relationship"
and I thought I won't get myself into this mess
it is always hard to control feelings, isn't it?
just take it as lesson
learn it...
hopefully I can recover fast
(luckily nothing got real deep this time too)

The funny thing is
I broke up with my first girl friend in CNY few years back
and now I am sort of doing the same thing again
in CNY this year
ha ha ha!
may be CNY only brings me prosperity
and not Love
Mama is still learning...
that's what Mama can do for now
and what everyone on this earth is doing as well ..

"The person that loves you the most is not the person you love the most"
"The person you love the most is not the one that will be with you for the rest of your life"
"He/She is just the person who appears at the right moment"
(suddenly thought of this)
and also
"you won't have any successful stable love in these 8 years"
(only Anderson and Haur understand I guess)

Mama is sad
Mama is sexy
Mama is happy now
because Mama is also crazy


Saturday, February 6, 2010

07-02-2010 Mama's Nicknames

This post..
originally was dedicated to Wendy Yii only
because I promised her to write this for her...
(hehe, forget what reason dy)
since she created this nickname for me
BONGIE is more popular among my UTP friends...
-Traced back my sms or chatting history-
Those that used BONGIE: Wendy, Yoke Mun, Li Li, Mei Fang...who else ar
I cant remember dy...

then I realized
I got another name that has the similar combination
which is
exclusively used by A

"Pak Ah Bong"
used by Mak Li Li

Nicknames from primary school
(may be need my primary and secondary schoolmates' help to recall)

of course
the one that created by myself
and being used widely
from UTP
to Sin Min friends,
net friends,
FB friends..
and even
F-Secure colleagues
deng deng deng deng...


mama gotta continue studying now
having SBE presentation tomorrow...

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