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Monday, May 30, 2016

30-05-2016 Bong & His Summer MAYBE has begun!


Thursday, May 26, 2016

26-05-2016 Bong & His 2016 KL Trip Part 8 (From Pasar Seni to Putrajaya)

After eating lunch at
KL Tower,
we went to Pasar Seni(Central Market)
to do the last round of shopping!

Using this free GoKL bus,
we arrived at Pasar Seni~
Lots of interesting stuffs 
in there~
Nice place to shop for souvenirs...
Since we still had some time,
we decided to walk back to Petaling Street for
last round shopping~
Petaling Street is not just a famous shopping area,
but also load with interesting people
with unique performances~
These were some foreign tourists
that fell in love with the
Indian culture in Malaysia!
Then my dearest uncle
picked us up at KL Sentral
and drove us all the way to the airport (KLIA).
Since we also had some extra time,
he drove us to Putrajaya first for more sight-seeing~
The whole city was actually 'build up'
to become an intelligent city.
Before that,
it was like nothing there.
The lake, the grass, the garden
all are artificial!
We were just amazed by
how beautiful this city is...
My uncle who had previously
worked with some construction projects there,
was our tour guide
telling how they build up this place...
After the fantastic sight-seeing,
he sent us to the airport...
One last thing to share,
if you would like to wrap your luggage,
better do it at KLIA instead of KL Sentral~
It is easier and cheaper there...
After taking the transit train in the KLIA,
we arrived at the departure hall~
and that marked the ending
of our 3 weeks holiday in Malaysia!
Hope that this trip was a nice experience for Andreas
who had never traveled to Asia before~


Friday, May 20, 2016

20-05-2016 Bong & His Wish in Oslo

Now is already over mid of May~
Can we have it warmer in Oslo?



Tuesday, May 17, 2016

17-05-2016 Bong & His Third Syttende Mai

This is already my Third
Syttende Mai (17th of May) in Norway...
First year I was in the central with lots of people.
Second year we were just relaxing at home.
This year I invited people
to our home

Of course,
it will not be Syttende Mai
if we don't do these three things
(1) Eating sausage (Pølse)
(2) Eating ice cream (Is)
(3) Drinking soft drinks (Brus)

Don't ask me why these three things...
I have asked some Norwegians
and they told me
This is just the way how it is! lol~
That's all about this year
17th of May!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

14-05-2016 Bong & His 2016 KL Trip Part 7 (KL Tower)

After KLCC,
we walked to Jalan Changkat for some night lives~
Drink did make sense~
But Man and Woman???
The next day,
which was also our last day in KL...
I arranged lunch buffet
at KL Tower.
My uncle picked up our luggage from hotel,
then drove us to KL Tower.
I asked him not to drive us up there,
so that we could walk and enjoy the scenery a bit~
One valuable tips about
getting it cheaper
is go to Groupon Malaysia
and buy its promotion voucher there!
I got it for RM 69 per person
and original price is RM 86.35.
With the Groupon voucher,
we even got free tickets to enter
Blue Coral Aquarium~
This restaurant has a rotating platform.
That means you are eating while
being rotated on a rotating platform.
That's why its name is Atmosphere 360~
there is a variety of Food,
from Malay to Chinese,
Asian to Western...
so you can definitely find something
that you can eat
We ate so much,
until we felt so lazy to move ourselves from the seats.
The best part to me,
is not its main dishes
but the dessert!!
The whole lunch took 2 hours,
and we were rotated back to
where actually we started the meal.
So, that was really a 360.
what was that tap doing there?
After the lunch,
we were asked to use this
internal stairs to go one level lower,
which is its observation deck~
We could now see Kuala Lumpur
in bright light mode~
(unlike the KLCC PETRONAS Twin Tower tour
when the day was already started to get dark)
They also label
where and which part of the city
people are looking at~
If you do not wish to walk to much,
you can also wait for the free shuttles there...
this is really highly recommended!
Not too expensive,
and a very nice experience.


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