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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

27-04-2016 Bong & Wallmans

for my birthday this year..
I was so Lucky to have
Arne bringing me to Wallmans~
It was my first time there,
and we got a table
right next to the stage...
(Probably because it was my birthday)
When we first seated,
there was already two small packages of
and some breads on the table~
(those are free/included in the price of shows + food)
And two bottles of sparkling water
(which they charge later on in the bills if you open them)
(Each costs around 60 kroner)
Forrett (Appetizer) was salmon
with some salads 
Since we were sitting so close to the stage,
I was most of the time thinking...
the dirt and dust coming from their shoes
and landing on our
Mellomrett was some kind of
coconut milk soup with sunflower seed plus olive oil...
And the main course was grilled chicken
served with 'potato cake'

I forgot to take picture of our dessert...
And that was strawberry, rhubarb served with whipped vanilla.
Coffee cups were already placed on the table when we seated...
but guess what,
a can of warm coffee also needs additonal charge!
the food was so so...
but the show was pretty good~
So...still recommended to experience once at least~

That's all about my review of Wallmans...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

24-04-2016 Bong & His 2016 KL Trip Part 2 (From Mid Valley to Taman Connaught night market)

After visiting Batu Cave,
we took KTM train to go to Mid Valley 
to meet my sister, Lay San~
Mid Valley Megamall is 
actually not a very big shopping mall..
at least not in Malaysia...
But still it is perhaps already bigger than the biggest shopping mall in Norway~
We went to Carl's JR burger
to have our lunch~
2 burgers, 
with fries & onion rings
and drinks~
costed less than 120 Norwegian Kroner...
And of course,
did a little windows shopping
plus real shopping
while waiting for my sis~
At 5.30pm,
she met us at the parking lot,
then drove us to Taman Connaught night market!!
It is claimed to be
one of the biggest night market in Malaysia~
And it is only available
once in a week~
which is every Wednesday~
From food to cute little dolls~
Lots of things to shop there...
My sister dropped us at Bangsar station
and we took LRT back to our hotel~
9++ pm 
and still a lot of people in the LRT~
For those that do not know how the system works 
for LRT/KTM,
don't ever throw this little coin,
or even the paper receipt/ticket for KTM~
You need to use this coin to go out from the LRT station
and there might be staffs checking the ticket at KTM arrival station~
That's all for the first day in KL...

To be continued...


Thursday, April 21, 2016

21-04-2016 Bong & His 2016 KL Trip Part 1 (From KLIA to Batu Cave)

We took an evening flight from Penang to KL~
from KLIA,
we took a taxi directly to our hotel 
instead of airport express train to the city~
A big taxi taking 
3 passengers with 3 big bags~
and costed only RM 102.90...
It was very cheap...
Even cheaper than taking airport express train~
The next morning,
we started walking around in the city~
exploring the buildings nearby to the hotel where we stayed...
Since Andreas' room was not inclusive with breakfast,
he had his first breakfast in KL...
and this coffee shop at Jakel Mall~
From there,
we continued walking...
passing by the new shopping street near to Pasar Seni
It was about 15 minutes walk
to the nearest KTM station,
Kuala Lumpur~
We took KTM train..
to go to Batu Caves~
The train was a bit late,
and it was already a lot of tourists in that train 
heading to the same destination as well~
let's see the funny thing about KTM train~
You are not allowed to eat,
bring pets,
bring dangerous items...
And not to forget,
you are strictly prohibited from KISSING!
or doing anything 'sexual/sensual' I guess~
Another interesting thing is
coaches dedicated to woman only~
But don't worry, 
we also have mixed gender coaches~
After around 20 minutes journey,
we finally reached Batu Caves~
Wait a minute!
This is not Batu Cave~
This is another cave that costs you RM 5 to go in~
Batu Cave should be free!!
You gotta walk pass these...
Ta da,
then finally you arrive at Batu Cave!
 Climbing up the long stairs 
was not that challenging~
But combining with the humid air,
hot sun...
plus scary wild monkeys that might snatch your things~
that is sure a life time experience~
Spending less than 10 minutes,
we finally reached the TOP~
The moment Arne and Andreas reached the top,
and they thought that
they were done with the climbing and walking....
only then they realized there was even more
walking and climbing inside the cave!
Inside the cave there is this temple
where people can pray,
get some blessings~
Before we went down from the stair,
leaving Batu Cave,
we went to this Dark Cave to see what it was about~
to visit it 
you need to pay for entrance fee and touring fee~
and actually it is also more educational kind of thing...
so we decided not to go in~
So after checking everything out,
we left Batu Cave~
To be continued...


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