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Sunday, January 30, 2011

31-01-2011 Mama & His Good News + Happy Chinese New Year

Hi there everyone!
Nice to see u guys again in my sexy blog world..

First of all,
I got a BIG GOOD news to share

(Thanks to my very special 'friend'~)
You did make me laugh my ass off!

I am now back at home
busy preparing for Chinese New Year =)
Well, I chatted with a friend of mine in facebook today
who don't know what is Chinese New Year..
So I decided to upload a little bit of what I have done and what I am going to do.

More will be posted soon, I promise~

Home Cleaning + Decorating

My mum said the "Huat" I made
makes the house looks like gambling house~

IT IS HUGE!!!!! HUAT ar! ( HUAT = prosper)

And not to forget, it is also an occasion for us to
reunite and visit one another

Mama would like to wish all my friends
all my fans
my family and relatives

And to my special friend, Tom who is going to Taipei for Chinese New Year
Wish you have a nice trip and
welcome to Taiwan from a native there


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26-01-2011 Mama & Where is he now?

Welcome back to Mama's sexy world.
is Mama more like a sexy person?
or a crazy person?
Well, lets the pictures tell u the story...

Just made up his mind

12.00 noon
Bought his tickets




Now (1.10pm)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

21-01-2011 Mama & His Fear

After you have read
and all the other Mama's series

now you have came to something more serious
something more internal about Mama~

Thanks to Wei Han and Shwu Fei
who both gave very good suggestion
and so I combined their ideas into one
which came out with this post
"Mama & His Fear".

My biggest fear

I hope you guys get the idea from this picture...

Watching romance movies always make me wonder
will I have a memorable love story just like the couple in the movie did?
I am not greedy...
I just want something very simple yet memorable
My true love,
I want it to happen as a complete coincidence
and it must last forever!
And by forever I mean,
we both die together and then
become butterflies
and still be together!

what qualities are Mama seeking in his lover?
(1) Accept Mama the way who he is
This is a very common requirement
that people look for while seeking for lover I supposed.
And of course, I don't expect my lover to accept a 100% of me
95% will be good enough.
How about another 5 %?
I will not change who I am for the person I love
but I am willing to improve myself to order for my love one to love me even more!
There goes the 5%~

(2) Willing to give me freedom
I am the kind of person who need my own space.
I don't want someone who is a control freak
who wants me to report what have I done
what I am doing
and what I will be doing.
I am not writing an essay or report.
I just need my own space.

and last but not least,

(3) Honest
To me honesty is even more important that loyalty.
My weird theory is
if you are willing to be honest
and share everything you feel inside your heart,
you will never be unfaithful to me!

what mama wants is simple right?
When will that happen?


Sunday, January 16, 2011

17-01-2011 One question

Hi there
This is going to be a really short post
more like a status that
people normally would post in facebook
and get their answers there~
But since here is THE place
for my blog readers,
I prefer to ask it here..

"Tell me what you want me to blog?"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

13-01-2011 Bye bye Taiwan (Part 2 - Final)

Welcome back to my Taiwan trip post.
Now is Part 2 and I have 5 more sexy stuffs about this trip
that I am going to share with you guys!

(6) Sexy Hot Cold Countdown ( 8 degree)
For the pass years,
I celebrated my new year eve at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Well, those are not that bad actually~
But this year,
it was at Taipei 101!

The fireworks were fantastic!

and also not to forget

Hot Concert~
Those were awesome!!!
except we had to walk for a few kilometers to
the MRT station to get back to our home~.

(7) Sexy Shopping
Besides those nice cookies and food that I bought
the highlights of my shopping is definitely
Wu Fen Pu 五分埔
I bought Korean style clothes that...
i don't even think i can wear and go out for meeting friends!

The thing I love the most
New bag!

Can carry it in 3 different ways..


(8) Sexy Accommodation
Why is it sexy?
Well, I wasn't the one who arranged for all accommodation.
But I had to say
Xiao Min and Mei Fang really did a wonderful job~
The prices were not expensive
and the rooms were great!

at TaiChung 台中

at KaohSiung 高雄

at Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

(9) Sexy Toilet
Well, this is a special thing that the girls didn't know.
I found it quite 'interesting' when I landed in Taiwan
and used its toilet for the first time.
But it seemed like all man toilets were 'decorated' with something like that.
Translation: "If you shoot it 'persistently', you score 100% "
"If you shoot it outside, you score 0%"
This is just one of them.
Others also displayed something like
"I know you shoot well, but please come closer~"
"Please shoot right on my face~" ( there is a cute little frog cartoon on it)

(10) Sexy Sweet Travel Mates
how could I not mention
the lovely travel mates?
Highlight of each and one of them:
Mei Fang:
Ms. spending 1000 New Taiwan
(RM 106.60) on "Jelly" Diva
Too bad i forgot to take a pic of her jelly~

Mei Le:
Ms. I love flowers and I drop my stuffs wherever I go blurry queen

Her scarf was dropped ~

Xiao Min:
Ms. accident queen especially on her foot that hates candid pic!
Actually you are photogenic
don't worry about candid pics okay? lol
(Purposely chose a candid shot of yours to share here)


This ends my Taiwan trip review.
-10 things that I love about Taiwan and this trip-
Sorry girls, I like to pose to high fashion while u all wanna pose cute and happy!

The Taiwan Trip facebook album is here.


Friday, January 7, 2011

08-01-2011 Bye bye Taiwan (Part 1)

"Welcome to Malaysia for non-Malaysians and welcome back home for Malaysians"
Announcement from the captain ended my Taiwan graduation trip.
Overall, I like Taiwan very very much
and this is also another country that I think I will visit it again in the future.
In short,
I am going to list ten great things that I like about this trip or this country.

(1) Sexy delicious food

Sorry, wrong pic~

阿宗面线 (Ah Chong Mee Sua)

麻薯(Mua Ji)

醉鸡 (Drunk Chicken)


蒸饺 (Steam dumpling)

All kind of sausages

and Giant Ice cream!

(2) Sexy breathtaking scenery

阳明山 (Yang Ming Mountain)


野柳(Yeh-Liu) - 女王 (Queen)

日月潭 (Sun Moon Lake)

阿里山 (Alishan)


(3) Sexy sun



(4) Sexy Taiwanese


Wrong person..sorry! he is just lost~

and someone's else firm ass! lol

(5) Sexy International flora exposition


and I got the first place coming out from it!
That's all for Taiwan Trip Part 1.
Stay tuned for another 5 'sexy' things in Taiwan Trip Part 2.

The Taiwan Trip facebook album is here.


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