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Thursday, July 28, 2016

28-07-2016 Bong & Hill-hiking in the North

This year summer at Malangen,
unlike last year
which we had 4 weeks there,
we had only less than 2 weeks this time.
I considered we were kinda lucky
with the weather already,
since it was like 50% sunny.
So in one of the sunny evenings,
Arne and I had
a hiking tour
up to a hill,
right behind Arne's former farm....
Ever since Arne sold his farm,
there is no one using the old pathway...
So now it has grown bushes,
and a lot of bushes,
until it was a bit difficult for us to walk.
After 30 minutes passing through bushes,
we finally reached a part of road
that is still maintained like before...
Not too far from there,
we walked a little bit more
then we reached the top...
kinda! Lol
The view was just breathtaking
and we were very lucky with
the weather.
We found a better spot
to rest
and a short while after that,
We saw fog coming from
the other side,
slowly covering the sea
and the whole Mortenhals ~
So we just said goodbye
both to the beautiful views
and the nice weather~

Sunday, July 24, 2016

24-07-2016 Bong & Nams-Inn

For our 24 hours journey driving to north,
we chose to stop and overnight at this
The room that we ordered
was a double persons room~
The room was simple...
and we had a nice little view of the river~
But the duvets can be
improved a lot~ 
The bathrooms were shared bathrooms..
not as clean as bathrooms at Krokstrand~
but still big and okay! Hehe!
We got room number 4
and I thought we might bumped into
But turned out we only slept very well...
and nothing approached us~
For our dinner,
we ordered one fried salmon and one fried pollock~
but since they were already out of pollock,
they offered us salmon without extra charge.
(Salmon was more expensive than pollock)
The dinner tasted great,
except we did not get the point 
why the little slice of orange was there~
The breakfast was included in the room price
and it was served not at the cafeteria but at this Fosserud pub 
Normal breakfast
but quite a variety of pålegg~
A double room with shared bathroom
breakfast inclusive~
850 Kroner...
That's all about Nams-Inn.
Quite a nice place for overnight actually~


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

20-07-2016 Bong & From Stranda til Trollstigen

Early next day,
we departed from Stranda...
Took the ferry
from Stranda to Liabygda~
Very short trip...but quite expensive~
The weather was rather good
to start off out journey to next destination
We took a wrong turn
once we came out from the ferry~
no turning back...
we just took it as more sight-seeing in west coast~
After driving about 1.5 hours from Liabygda,
finally we reached Trollstigen~
Looking at the roads
to drive up to Trollstigen,
I was already feeling worried
even though I wasn't the driver~
The narrow turning
makes the driving very difficult~
and that is
a lot of turning...
all the way to the peek!
Each turning/curve 
has its own name~
We were lucky that
on our way driving up...
there were not that many cars
or tourist buses~
After the challenging uphill driving,
we were on the top!
Looking at the roads
that Arne had just driven,
I must say I admire his courage ~
and not to forget his driving skills!
There is also this hiking path
that visitors can take~
But we did not do that 
since we were kinda rushing to our next destination~
It was a long journey for Arne to drive that day
we spent only little yet valuable time
on the peek~
then drove down again to go to our next destination~
To be continued...


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