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Monday, November 30, 2009

01-12-2009 TAR


originally already very free...
since Health Check released dy..
but then...
got this new assignment
python code automation...

huh? here comes our team new intern...
what is his name ar?
check outlook first..
Poh! welc0me Poh~
show u guys his pic next time la..
when I am closer with him..
when he is drunk in the christmas party, then I can...
ahem ahem..

back to today's post
TAR, which stands for The Amazing Race
and not Tunku Abdul Rahman

My Favorite team...
Brian and Errika..
all about Karma Karma Karma...
and the way Brian supports his partner really touches me...
lurve u two...

don't they look so sweet and lovely in this pic?
my heart just melted...

My favorite individual player~
of course is....
ha ha ha ha ha
actually he looks like one of the gay porn stars (Lukas Ridgeston)...
but can feel like he is really a nice guy...

Meghan & Cheyne
hot annoying girl + (handsome and super patient guy)
may be they have won too many legs..
feel like if they win the last one...
then the finale gonna be just So So..
plus they have won so many prices too
ha ha ha!
3rd place will be good enough for them for the last leg.


The new intern is reading materials about scrums...
and I am about to end my post for today..
wish all my Engineering friends have a good start for their Intern...
mama gotta back to work now..


Sunday, November 22, 2009

23-11-2009 life with and without Haur + Anderson

checking email in outlook..
blogging at the same time...
took leave last friday...
so..this is what I realized since I got 3 days Off...

LIfe With and Without Haur and Anderson

this is what I want right?
since I was the one making decision to move from Bangsar to Wangsa Maju
That's it for today...
gotta continue checking my outlook email

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

19-11-2009 Tarot Night

Just applied for my monthly paid leave
Yay...gonna be resting at home tomorrow...
since i never really rested for all my past weekends..

Just had dinner with Anderson and Haur last night
and was invited to play this Tarot cards..
which can answer a question that u wanna ask..
of course...
same like other 21 y/o teen
3 of us all asked the same question
(not sure they just followed mine, or they were really interested to know theirs)
the answers I got wasn't that great
but for me...that wasn't that bad after all...
1) I am always positive minded
2) That just sounded like what I want...
So I am Cool with it(Steal Haur's copy right)

As explained by that friendly guy,

This is who I am (towards relationship stuff)

This is my past~

My present one..

My Future...

Anyway...just find this kind quite interesting
and it was my first time trying out Tarot
before that didn't believe in it at all
but now...just taking it more like a guidance of life
=) is quite cool to me
especially when I could try out for free

Monday, November 16, 2009

17-11-2009 Cone Pizza

chatting with Amer in Gmail..
and he reminded me to update my blog I am now
writing for Amer..
for Jia Haur
for Anderson
for everyone
today wanna blog about..

pusing2 to warm up Haur's car...
originally I suggested to go to this Cone Pizza that recommended by Jimmy..
but then...we all were clueless about where it is ..
so...already dumped that idea out of our minds
"Eh, Cone Pizza is here!"
Anderson spotted it!

The food was quite nice actually...
Price also...So So..
and what I like the most is...
they have this customer feedback form...
which they 'claim' that they can use to improve themselves..

Haur + Cone Pizza

Anderson + Garlic Bread (very nice) + Mushroom soup

"Wei..why took so many pics one! *%@#@#"

Cone Pizza and the couple's hand

the garlic bread

How to get there: No: 35, Jalan 46B/26, Taman Sri Rampa, 53300 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
For more information, please check out its website:

Monday, November 9, 2009

10-11-2009 感同身受

有谁流过眼泪 请说
有谁没有哭过 请说
你也怎么能爱过 如果那个是我
我想说 每个人都差不多
有那么多人在寂寞 就没有人寂寞

给我会怎么做 有同样的遭遇
我想说 每个人都差不多
有那么多人在寂寞 就没有人寂寞

while listening to the song...
lets see what we have done for min min's birthday...



"Happy Birthday Min Min...."
luckily managed to retrieve back those pics...
since my memory card got corrupted~
thats all for this super late post...

Thursday, November 5, 2009



Building health check...
in the meantime blog for my new post
supposedly this post should be about Min Min's birthday (as i told to Seth)
but since my memory card got corrupted...
I have to wait until it is fixed then....


Went to Carrefour with Yeh---


Continue blogging..
Health Check build done...
started logging bug....


meeting with Annika...she is cute~


back from meeting...
continue blogging...
what i wanna blog d huh?
damn i forget d~
oh yah
just sent email to the future me in (credit to Anderson aka my future sexy roommate)
and i just realize..
how optimistic I am...
there were something i wrote to myself that..
make me and my family(may be) proud ...
I really don't know what will happen to me in the coming 3 years...
will I change? hopefully to a better one
but in my future email,
i did mention the 'Me' now...
hence the email will remind me to be 'Me' if i have changed in the future...

anyway, now is the 23rd week of internship....
gonna end it real soon...
luckily I am enjoying every moment of it...
weekdays to weekends...
morning to night...
office to wangsa maju...
bathroom to bed....

my SEXYMAMA syndrome is back...
from emo to sexy... is so much better~


finish this crap blog dy..
at least updated it for Seth(hope u like it)
bye for now...

by the way, many people asked me why I wrote "fuck you Lily Allen"
actually Lily Allen is a singer(I think)
and this song is so damn nice...even though it is not a new one

and The Gayclic Collab Against Homophobia version



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