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Friday, June 27, 2014

27-06-2014 Bong & His Stockholm Trip Part 30 (From Ropsten to Millesgården)

My next station was Millesgården,
which was said to be a place in Stockholm that shouldn't be missed..
After dropping off at subway station "Ropsten",
take any bus that can bring you to "Torsvikstorg"..
and from there, 
start walking by following the sign 
On the way getting there,
you would see something as beautiful as this
and it was really breathtaking for me~
finally reached it~

Because I reached there pretty early,
it was only me and this guy there~
(in the picture below)
A place with a bunch of statues~
If you are interested in classical art,
then it is a place for you~


Monday, June 23, 2014

23-06-2014 Bong & Back to Sungai Petani

At first I was just thinking of
taking a few pictures around my house,
but then I realized the cats 
right outside 
my house were really really cute~
It was playing with my grandma's bicycle
and it was afraid of me taking photos as well~
Here came another one
wanted to get some attention and LOVE too~
A morning market
where you can buy fresh vegetables, meats,
food, etc....
tomorrow I am going to return back to Oslo again~
To summarize my stay back to hometown for 25 days:
(1) I still manage to drive
both auto and manual car
 (2) Met up with a few friends
-Yam chat chit chat gossip & Sing K-
 (3) Ate food that either is extremely expensive in Norway
or I can't even get it there
for example 
"fresh noddles"
 and of course
"dim sum"!!!
That's all about my short back to hometown trip
Soon Oslo, again~


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