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Thursday, March 31, 2016

31-03-2016 Bong & From Koh Lipe back to Hat Yai

We left Koh Lipe island 
in the early morning next day~
Since it was also valentine's day 
at that time,
the thai started decorating the walking street~
We took the long tail boat 
to the pier,
then changed to the speed boat to go back to Pak Bara~
Good bye to the
Koh Lipe island~
At Pak Bara pier,
we used a shared van this time
to go to Hat Yai
instead of a private taxi 
since we had more time and did not have to rush~
The shared van took about 12 passengers,
and costed only MYR 10 for one person~
It dropped us at the tour agent 
where we booked for the boat, private taxi 
and the shared van...
And before we left Hat Yai,
we had a simple lunch at this food court 
at an old shopping center named
"Odean Shopping Mall"
Not so much variety...
But the prices were very okay~
We walked to the train station...
and were ready to
experience the Thai train since
we didn't take the train from Padang Besar to Hat Yai~
The train station was pretty much
"old styled"
since they don't have any digital announcement board~
and you could walk 
through the railways to go to the platforms~
In between the platforms,
there were some thai stalls selling food and drinks~
and the Thai train
did not look so very sophisticated as well~
We hopped on to the Malaysia train
operated between Hat Yai to Singapore~
And inside there were 
beds for those that traveled for long distance~
the departure time has came!
Time to end our lovely Thailand trip~

Sunday, March 27, 2016

27-03-2016 Bong & Koh Lipe (From Sunset Beach to Night Life)

From walking street,
it takes about 15 minutes walk to the Sunset Beach~
But of course,
if you are lazy,
you can always hire a tuk-tuk
or "taxi" 
In such a small island, 
they don't have any car basically~
The sunset there is around
and when I was there,
the beach was already crowded with
a lot more people than it was in the afternoon...

Other than sunset,
it really has nothing more to offer actually~
I went back to the walking street
immediately after taking a few pictures of the sunset.
We bought a postcard and sent it to our friend in Norway~
That's something we always go when we travel...
Got ourselves some
barbecue chicken as supper~
But they were quite expensive actually...
Not sure if the prices were marked up, 
since there was no price sign what-so-ever...
We went to one of the bars 
at Pattaya beach~
Besides some regular 
Thai selling things to the tourists,
there were also performances to attract tourists for the bars/pubs
Not to forget to mention,
there were actually 
quite a lot of wild dogs 
on the island....
Some of them even came
and sat right next to tourists...
and I don't think they were so very clean since they were just wild homeless dogs~

That was probably the only thing that was not so nice about the island....

To be continued...


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