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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

01-02-2012 Bong & Chinese New Year Celebration Chapter 2

Fisrt day of CNY,
walked back from my grandma's house
to my house..

My sister
and she took pictureS of me
 "NOW Give me back my camera!"

The SECOND day
My favorite Breakfast

My sister taking photo 
of her favorite food with her iPhone

At night,
it is time
to meet up with my high school friends
The FOUR flowers
(not roses...may be more like cactus? Lol)

At a shop with very lame name
the yogurt ice cream there just tasted average..

 and not to forget,
the guys too...
What is he doing?

 Cheng Yong acted cute? Lol
To be continued...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

30-01-2012 Bong & Chinese New Year Celebration Chapter 1

Last post I wished everyone 
and now I am going to share with u..
How I celebrated my chinese new year
this year..

the chinese so called "Year-end" meal with colleagues

started eating mandarin oranges in office...
(Trying to make orange looks cute)
Of course,
once I was back at home...
my mum asked me to hang this and that
 Decorated my house
but my family said the final result looked like 
the house has been tranformed into wet market

This year CNY was 'a little bit' special
because I am now a working adult
and therefore,
I contributed this~

had fireworks right in front of my house at 12 midnight!

First day of CNY,
we all gathered at my grandma's house..
there were noises coming from outside..

Lion dance!

-To be continue-

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

19-01-2012 Bong & Go Xi Fa Cai!

Sorry guys,
this year I didn't have enough time 
to prepare anything for this wishing post 
As a working adult,
I MUST say this is what 
I want the most
and not to forget,
to all my readers~
(Going back home in an hour, so wish myself a safe journey too)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

14-01-2012 Bong & Kuantan One Day Trip

The main purpose of the trip
was for 
Charles to settle this car loan document 
but of course,
we did wanna hang out with Wei Han..
since he has been moving there for quite a while

Our lunch at
Not because we are rich
but because I can't find Japanese food in Kerteh
and the one in Kemaman never seemed to open~ 

Hand roll!
Wei Han with his very sweet smile~
And Charles with his always bitchy look~
Seafood fried rice..
Don't underestimate this thingy~
It smelt superb! 
Charles ordered Sashimi~
Unagi Sushi...
reminded me of Jia Haur!
A new friend, Ming Guo
Say 'cheese'...
(Did you guys realize that Charles has gained quite a lot of weight?P
(If you didn't, I am telling you up front here)
At Megamall and spotted this 'interesting'spelling
At night...
our dinner at Zul's Satay~
Finally my first picture with Wei han

Chicken Satay
Lamb Satay~
Then we went to Teluk Cempedak!
Wei Han gave us a happy smiley face..
Then an emo face...

Me and Wei Han...
I had no idea why my lips were that RED too

"Checking-in in facebook" again...
That's all about the trip..
bought quite weird clothes and shoes by the way...

Gonna share here in 1 more week!

Chinese New Year

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