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Saturday, August 27, 2011

27-08-2011 Mama & Charles's request

As per requested by Charles today

Friday, August 26, 2011

26-08-2011 Mama & His Relationship Question

Am I ready for my next relationship?
My first one
which is also the ONLY previous one
I felt like I was hurt badly by her
which caused me up until now
still not too sure what I want
why am I asking here?
No one can give me the answer

Sharing a song with all who are still searching for
TRUE love

如果你被他伤的很痛 If you were hurt badly by him
请感谢他好心折磨 Please thank him for that
如果你对他感到愧疚 If you feel sorry for what you have done to him
请感谢他慷慨泪流 Please thank him for crying because of you
在我们相遇相爱之前 Before the we met and fell in love
多亏有他让你成熟 Thanks for having him for making you grown up
如果你现在孤独寂寞 If you still feel lonely now
请感谢这美丽等候 Please be thankful for this awaiting moment
如果你还在为爱犯错 If you still do anything wrong because of LOVE
请感谢还没找到我 Please be thankful that you haven't found the right one
要走完每个曲折路口 We all have to go through a lot
我们才懂爱是什麼 In order to understand what is LOVE
Uu~my LoVe~
如果庆幸我值得拥有 If you are grateful that I am worth being owned
请感谢我被放弃过 Please be thankful too that I have been given up bu others
如果欣赏我坚强温柔 If you admire me being strong and tender at the same time
请感谢那珍贵伤口 Please be thankful that I was hurt before
在我们相遇相爱之后 After we met and fell in love
遗憾都会变成收获 Regrets will become fruitful experiences and memories
Uu~my LoVe~
当我们终於紧紧相拥 When we finally hug each other tightly
所有苦难会甜美结果 All difficulties will end happily
我们就耐心逗留 We just have to wait patiently
爱会来到 在对的时候 Love will come to us, when it is the right time
Uu~my LoVe~

Thursday, August 25, 2011

25-08-2011 Mama & First food review in Kerteh

After almost 6 months staying in Kerteh,
this will be my first Kerteh food review post.
Well, honestly there is not that many great food in Kerteh
but at least there is still
some 'unique' food that I never eaten before at other places...

First is this I don't know what it is called thingy
Well, it tastes really good
and seriously if anyone knows what's its name
and where can I buy it, kindly tell me!!!

Second one is a common food at the office I worked at last time
AT LEAST I ate this once per week
and it is fattening
(finding an excuse of myself gaining weight)


Notice the difference?
They added this thing
and most of the people love those crispy fried thingy
AGAIN! It is fattening and unhealthy! ha ha ha

Out of so many places that sell fried banana
this shop sells the best one
and it also has a unique name
because it doesn't have a name....

So people call it "Celah Batu"
Meaning "Gap between the stone"
Well sometimes I do wonder
who moved such freaking BIG stones to that place
but it looks kinda cute with that name describing its surrounding

That's all for now


Sunday, August 21, 2011

21-08-2011 Mama & Dying soon

A lot of things happened recently
even at work also keep on thinking about them
(despite how BUSY I am)
Sometimes they make me laugh
sometimes they make me emo for a while...
May my mind rest in peace..

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16-08-2011 Mama & His experiences in PGB

Just going to write something about PGB
-PETRONAS Gas Berhad-
The first OPU that I joined
-Me and my boss Kartina-
The bad photographer Nik took this pic while my boss eyes' were closed...
-Our farewell lunch-
Amir and Din
Warehouse people
-Me and CUF Kerteh people-
CUF stands for Centralized Utility Facilities
basically it is the plant that supplies gases, waters, electricity...etc

Harina and Emma
-Me and CUF Gebeng team-

-From left: Nik, Kak Madinah, My boss Kartina and Me-
-My work station-
our countdown board before entering SMSO-
Shared Materials and Services Organization-
Basically it is a centralized Supply Chain Unit
for Petrochemical plants for PETRONAS
We were making jokes about resigning and retiring
simply because we were all so sad about leaving CUF
and also SCM PGB team...
I myself was remarked as treating farewell lunch everyday for the whole August
since I am the only one not fasting
ha ha ha~

I was also given the chance to be the MCee for our SCM PGB team building
Best pic of the whole team building,
reminds me of the PETRONAS advertisement
Being a real MC for the first time
and also a rapper..
adding new flavor to the traditional Dikir Barat

That's all about my memory about PGB I guess...
Many thanks to PGB as well for letting to me try on different hotels in Malaysia~

Friday, August 12, 2011

13-08-2011 Mama & His Eyes

As promised to Wendy,
I am going to announce something..
(check back the conversation history,
I never mentioned what to be announced)

This is the condition of my Left Eye
and this is my Not-So-Alright Right Eye...
Hope it can heal by today and
tomorrow I can go to work like normally I do..


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10-08-2011 Mama and His something to share even though he is BUSY 念你---刘子千 [MV]

Well, this week is super busy week
Sleep before 11pm everyday
But I still wanna share something with you guys~
A new favorite song of mine
reason of loving it?
it makes me think of you
and us...

go to sleep la..
enough dy~

Monday, August 1, 2011

01-08-2011 Mama & His Real Jakarta Post

after posting a 'misleading' post about where I visited
(Sorry Ah Qing~)
now here comes the real post about my last 2 weeks trip to
In order to make this post less boring and simpler,
I will just highlight 5 things about Jakarta that I would like to share..

(1) The Food
-Nasi Uduk-
-Nasi Padang-
-Bak Moi-

Means Chicken porridge in Hokkien
They do call it Bak Moi
and I realized they 'import' a lot of Hokkien words in their food names
-Mee Ayam aka Chicken noddle-

(2) My host in Jakarta
and he cooked for me Adobo (Filipino dish)
Thanks a lot Worley!

(3) Transportation
-Motorbike service (Just like Bangkok) aka Ojek-

Even though Jakarta is the biggest city in south east asia
but they do not have railway or LRT system.
What they have is a bus-way system

which is railway-like but using Bus as the medium of transport
People waiting at the platform

(4) People and Culture
-Its bazaar-

-I don't know what's going on too-
People could just take photos with them for free

-Jakarta crazy traffic-


I also tried out Karaoke in Jakarta

According to wikitravel, it is a must try activity in Jakarta
Thanks to Worley for bring me there~

(5) Place of interest that I have visited
-National Monument/Monumen Nasional(Monas)-

And finally I understand why I saw so many 'overly huge' penis statues
or toys..
or whatever when I visited Bali last year.
It actually symbolizes the power as men...
or something like that...
ha ha~
Couldn't really remember...

-Old Jakarta City (Kota Lama)-
Full of talented artists

-Pekan Baru-
When I was taking this picture,

An Indonesian lady suddenly approached me
and asked to take a photo with me
After seeing the first picture,
"Wow...handsome, nak satu lagi! ( I want one more)"

-Art Gallery-
-Plaze Senayan-
A shopping mall that we went purposely to see this
Last but not least,
not to forget also the Cathedral Church that I have visited
-Click here if you haven't seen it-

That's all this beautiful city~
I love you Jakarta
Its day look..
Its night look...

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