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Friday, February 26, 2016

26-02-2016 Bong & Hat Yai Park Part 1

There are in total 3 stations at
Hat Yai Park~
The tuk-tuk driver drove us all the way 
up to the first station...
which is the highest temple
at Hai Yai park
where the cable cars
go up to~
Cable car costs 
200 baht per person~
and we paid 700 baht for one tuk tuk
driving us to all three stations at Hat Yai Park~
You can hire thai dancers
to perform thai dance to
pray or worship the buddha~
you can buy some 'caught' birds
to release them 
for praying purpose~
From here,
it is really nice to see the view of Hat Yai city as well~
After the first station,
we drove down to the second station...
where people take cable cars
to go up to the highest point at Hai Yai Park~
Some people choose to
walk up from the lowest station,
the Guan Yin Temple~
At this second station,
there is this big standing Buddha statue...

To be continued....

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

23-02-2016 Bong & Hat Yai (ASEAN Night Bazaar & Chok Dee Dim Sum )

After late lunch 
plus small shopping at Central Festival,
we went straight to ASEAN night bazaar for round 2 of shopping....
From clothes
to food,
they have lots to offer with very good prices
For the three gentlemen who were not so interested in shopping,
they went for beer~
We bought these 10 sushi...
for only 50 baht~
Not to forget to try
the nice thai fried chicken~
20 baht for 
one JUICY coconut~
And also,
elephant performance!
Pay to feed the elephant
or take pic with

The next day,
We went to this recommended breakfast place..
Chok Dee Dim Sum
First of all,
they will ask you if you want to eat bak kut teh
To me the taste is just alright~
Not much herb taste 
& lots of "Ajinomoto"!
But the dim sum was really great~
They are still raw when you pick them...
So only after picking, the staffs steam/cook the dim sum for you~
That makes the dim sum 
and JUICY!
And also,
the price is quite okay,
if compared with malaysian dim sum price~
After eating dim sum,
we walked to Cathay Tour Hat Yai 
to collect our tickets to Koh Lipe from Hat Yai~
And from there,
we booked a tuk tuk
to tour us around 3 temples in Hat Yai..
To be continued...


Saturday, February 20, 2016

20-02-2016 Bong & Hat Yai (From Sungai Petani to Hat Yai & Central Festival)

our journey from Sungai Petani started kinda rough...
with KTM having 3 hours delayed :(
But the train trip was just fine...
except that the train itself had some technical problems~
We reached the border
Padang Besar in 2 hours time~
Went through immigration control~
for both Malaysia & Thailand
Then another unlucky incident happened...
as the train from Thailand also came delayed to Malaysia.
So we had to wait for another 2 hours.
BUT... since we were 6 people in total,
and we didn't want to wait~
we decided to take a private car instead.
Which costed us RM 150.
If you take a shared van of 12 people,
one person should only cost RM 5.
This Thai taxi driver originally also offered us RM 5 per person for the trip,
but once he reached another side of the border,
he wanted to stop us there as he said that was what he offered...
"RM 5 from Malaysia to Thailand" (Border to border)
To avoid this kind of problem,
next time make the deal clear with destination name  + price with the driver 
the good thing was this Thai driver
drove VERY fast!
So after around 1 hour,
we already arrived at Hat Yai!
We took small break at the hotel
then we went right to one tuk-tuk..
and asked him to drive us to....
Central Festival!
One of the big and new shopping centers 
in Hat Yai~
We had our lunch there.
There are quite a lot of restaurants in that shopping center...
but not that many thai food restaurants,
mostly korean and japanese~

We ate at this Black Canton Coffee....
850 baht for 6 people~
3 plates of fried rice,
1 pad thai,
1 sweet & sour chicken with rice,
and 1 steak
this shopping center is big...
but not that much shopping if you are aiming for 
THAI CHEAP stuffs~
we stayed there for only a couple of hours...

To be continued...

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