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Thursday, August 17, 2017

17-08-2017 Bong & His Third Summer in the North (Walking with the flies)

Last year,
Arne brought me walking up to the hill behind Geir's place.
This year,
he didn't want to walk up to the hill anymore....
So he decided to bring me somewhere else...
He showed me the fences he had made
when he had his farm.
Then the old time
family summer barn...
Then a river....
(I hate river because I didn't want to get my shoes WET!)
See the long and big waterfall
in the background?
That is actually the drinking water source
for a lot of people that live there~
And again,
another river...
Then we reached somewhere
rather high,
which Arne didn't even know where we were exactly.
Anyway we found some nice
little wild orchids....
and a lot of flies were buzzing us!
See the right hand corner of the pic!!!
We were so annoyed with the flies.
So we decided to leave the forest...
and the rivers....
and go to the 'fjære'! (ebb)
We walked down to the main road,
then walked towards the ebb...
The weather was great by the way!

To be continued...


Monday, August 14, 2017

14-08-2017 Bong & His Summer Update 10 - Takk for nå

3 weeks holiday in the north...
with breathtaking scenery,
nice weather,
great hospitality,
some impromptu summer jobs...
we were very satisfied with the summer holiday in the north this year!
Not to forget,
nice to see the places we just been to,
were shown in the arctic race ...
Bye for now.
Back to work.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

06-08-2017 Bong & His Summer Update 9 - First Cloudberry-picking

Just a short update...
something new to do this year
in the beautiful forest at Malangen!


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

02-08-2017 Bong & His Third Summer in the North (Fra fjære to innland)

This year we were so lucky
with the weather...
Just like our other summer holiday in the previous years,
we drove to the graveyard at Mortenhals...
drove to places at Malangen
to visit Arne's friends and families~
Just look at the amount of snow on the mountain!
We were glad that we took our summer holiday late
this year because the summer was also coming late this year.
Since it was already late July,
we were expecting that there would be a lot of cloudberries!
But that wasn't the case!
We walked around the little hill...
and found very little cloudberries~
A selfie with the snowy mountain
and wildlife nature at Malangen!
Arne looked a bit disappointed
with the little amount of cloudberries we could find...

To be continued...