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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

30-08-2017 Bong & His LAST Summer Update (No more WISDOM)

6000 kroner spent
No more wisdom......


Thursday, August 24, 2017

24-08-2017 Bong & His Third Summer in the North (His First Swim at Spilderbukta)

It was another
nice, warm summer day at Malangen.
We drove to Ansnes ...
to borrow knife sharpening machine
from Eval....
then rushed back to Spilderbukta
so that I could take a swim,
while the weather was still good :)
Arne brought me to this little bay,
and the reason was
he could recall that this bay was always the warmest place
he could swim at when he was a kid.. :)
He walked down to the bay,
and tested the water....
and decided
not to swim there! 
the sun was shining...
so it wasn't that cold 
(though the 'chilling' nordavind (wind from the north) 
was blowing a little bit...)
Since we were already there,
and that day would most probably be the warmest day
of the rest of our holiday at Malangen,
I told myself...
just be brave and give it a try!
I spent about 5 minutes 
swimming a bit in the chilling, 
not more than 15 degrees cold Nordic sea water!
Mission accomplished!


Monday, August 21, 2017

21-08-2017 Bong & His Third Summer in the North (Fjære again!)

After spending 1 hour inside the forest
with flies buzzing in our ears,
we left the forest
and walked towards the ebb......
It was so warm that day,
and we met a few girls
that were playing there~
It is always fascinating for me,
to see how beautiful Spilderbukta is
from the ebb....
I always wanted to swim in the sea
but people staying there kept warning me
how cold it was!
it did look warm from these pictures,
am I not right?
We walked towards the boat houses
and from there,
we left the ebb and
passed by Gerd's cabin.
That's all about the walk for that day...


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