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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

26-02-2013 Bong & Chinese New Year 2013

Hi yall~
 I know this post came kinda late
but I still wanna share with all my friends
-What have I done for my CNY-
First and foremost
a Chinese New Year can't never be left out with
Chinese New Year cookies
and for this year
Since my grandma was getting older
and I wasn't able to spend too much time at home
to help her
so we only made this very easy-to-make
"Ribbon cookies"

At Chinese New Year eve,
like every previous year
I played the role as
"Good grandson" who could help out in the kitchen
preparing food for praying purpose

Noticed what was placed at the chicken's peak/mouth??
Dumpling that I wrapped..
Don't praise me for having good skills..
because I already know I do :=)

Another "good grandchild" aka Pineapple Wen
helped out my grandma at the kitchen 
*She is my sister, not my gf*
Many people mistakenly thought that she was my GF ~
My dad who didn't contribute anything 
and slept while others were busy
Then my sis reached and my dad went 
to help her carrying her luggage ~

This year newly introduced CNY food
proudly present to you
"Angry Bird muffin"

Looked cute
but kinda scary at the same time
because of the coloring
Gambling of course....
and not to forget
cam-whoring with my sisters!!!
last but not least
felt most proud with my new shoes
that I bought from Hat Yai~
Wanna guess how much were they?

-Bong in CNY-

Thursday, February 21, 2013

21-02-2013 Bong & Laos Trip Part 9

-Welcome Back-
Sorry for making you guys waited long...

I have been busy with my work lately
Especially right after coming back from Chinese New Year 
I had to follow up a lot of stuffs

Anyway, back to blogging again..
 My last evening 
spending time at Vang Vieng
Enjoyed the sunset from higher view at the village 
 Then slowly approached a hidden temple...
but I didn't enter because I wanted to see the sunset 
 And of course, 
very soon the night approached
 and this was my dinner
which I wanted to try
Laosian Spring Rolls!
They were wrapped in transparent kind of wrapper
Looked like I was eating plastic!!
 The next morning
I had Crepe
(which I loved)
I purposely captured how they make these pancake
Tasted pretty much like Malaysian Roti Canai

There you go..
Laosian Crepe!!
 You can see the Crepe stalls were all over the streets
with these white or yellow boards
which have the price and menu all listed on them
Time to leave Vang Vieng~
 Heading to the bus station
which was located about 2KM from the town...
 Took picture of a guy
who I thought that 
he looked very much alike with another friend of mine
Back to Vientianne..
and Took a tuk-tuk to the next destination
A place that I didn't wanna miss before leaving Laos
 My Tuk-tuk driver
 The road condition in Laos were kinda bad
Finally reached the famous Buddha Park
Would step into this thing
and start visiting it.. 
it looked kinda eerie...

-Stay Tuned-

Saturday, February 9, 2013

10-02-2013 Bong & Gong Xi Fa Cai

Gong Xi Fa Cai from Bong
Credit to my sis,
The photographer :-)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

07-02-2013 Bong & Laos Trip Part 8

After coming out from mountain 
and got myself a pair of new shoes
 I continued my journey
Not to forget, 
enjoyed the beauty along the way~
 That was it
The sky was getting darker
and the atmosphere was getting gloomier
 Slowly approached the back of the mountain
and finally reached the entrance 
after 20 minutes walk..
Same like the mountain,
you need to pay to enter too :)
There was a small gate
which they locked if there was no visitor..
like a private visit site...
 Finally entered the cave
 My tour guide told me
This is called 'Penis stone'
and I believe this is the only name I could remember
It was really dark in there
and kinda slippery too because it was wet inside
Another 'unique' thing that he told me its name
but I couldn't remember anymore~
And some shining stuffs..
 Going out from the cave
 On my way back to the town
cam whore a while 
*PS - I used timer*
 There you see
my new shoes
-A knock-off Crocs-

and This was my room
Just 25 MYR per night ;)

Stay tuned..


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