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Thursday, February 24, 2011

24-02-2011 Mama & His PIPE (Week 1/Part 1)

Welcome back again to Sexymama's blog~
a place where you find all the juicy stuffs about Mama~
Lol, joking!

I guess firstly,
I need to tell all my beloved readers...
what is PIPE.
PIPE is actually

and secondly,
what is the purpose of me blogging about it?

I and most of my friends in university are sponsored by PETRONAS.
very soon from now,
they might be called for report duty
and they have to attend PIPE upon reporting duty~
Some of them have been asking me questions about it...
so, here are some information that I would like to share it out!

It is a quad sharing room
and this is how it looks like
from left,

to right

There is also free wifi in the room.
So, you can bring your laptop if you want to.


For the first week,
mainly what we did was sharing, discussions and presentations.

Giant word puzzle~


Putri, the roti aunty
and a bunch of guys who were chit-chatting at Mamak stall!

A family's trip in Proton car!

Tower building

Last but not least,
my team!

At first I wanted to name myself
"Blushing Bong"
since I am always shy right?
but my teammates named me Bouncy
which is..not bad too!

That's all for Week 1/Part 1..
More interesting stuffs are coming in week 2/part2
Therefore, stay tuned! Lol

Thursday, February 17, 2011

17-02-2011 Mama & His Fashion

I wasn't supposed to update anything during these 14 days
because I should be super busy and tired with my training camp.
due to load of requests from my readers that
they wanna read something new
and interesting
(I guess their lives are pretty boring)
and also
a few friends of mine
had commented on this particular topic.
So I decided to write a post
"Mama & His Fashion"!

The most recent one should be the korean style shirts that I have bought from Taiwan
But so far I have only wore two:

Next is about what I wore for my Taiwan trip.
A few people personally told me that
what I wore throughout the whole trip was really nice
and fashionable..
So, I am sharing it here!

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
and Day 10!

Have to specially thank to that knee-length jacket!
I felt super HOT and SEXY wearing it!
(because this is not something you can wear in Malaysia!)
and also
Thanks to ANTM (America's Next Top Model) actually
for providing me the platform to learn about fashion!

gotta go now!
This post is just simply for Joking only..
I am totally clueless about fashion, okay?
Love you all,

Monday, February 14, 2011

15-02-2011 Mama & His Reunion + Farewell

Chinese New Year is an occasion that Chinese feel most excited about every year!
and this year
I celebrated it in a very unique way
Reunion and Farewell
all in 15 days!


Smelly Siew Ting

Kok Pei and Ching Yea

Looks like makeup artist and fashion designer calendar?
Love it!

The next day..

Cheng Yong !

From Left: Ching Yea, William, Muah and Jia Lim at my house~


At Karaoke

Me and Hooi Yee

William and Tzu Wei

So, that's the reunion and farewell
in this Chinese New Year!
Bye bye my lovely hometown
and really nice to meet up again with my hometown friends!
When can I see them
and also my UTP friends again?


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10-02-2011 Mama & His Already Spread News

originally I plan to announce this
after I settle down at the new place where I am going to work

seems like some of my "trusted" close friends
already spread the news for me.
So, I just announce it officially here

*What is my job & Where will I work*

The most common question
that my friends asked me after I informed them about this
"Are you happy or sad?"
I is Kerteh!
but to be honest,
this is what I sorta requested when I attended the Chit-chat session.
My preferred choices would be Miri, Bintulu..
which I think the living costs wouldn't be that lower compared to KL
and therefore, I can save money there too.
But too bad,
I know myself tooooo well
I can't save even a penny if there is

So...the answer is I am quite happy with the place they send me to
I am a bit sad because...
I received the letter on 8th and

I am leaving my home around 14th!
The schedule is so so tight!

Here is my schedule for now:
16th Feb : PIPE training at Bangi
2nd Mac: Reporting duty at KLCC
then PGB will decide when to send me to Kerteh
That's all about the news...


Thursday, February 3, 2011

03-02-2011 Mama & his HOT SPICY SEXY RED Chinese New Year

this is how Mama dressed for his first day of Chinese New Year


Since this year Mama is going to stay
MUCH longer at hometown
celebrating Chinese New Year
(compared to previously years when he had to go back early to campus for classes)
He is enjoying to the MAX as he can..
So, those decent Kedah people
sorry that I draw such INSANE attention of yours when I passed by you today!
Whatever it is,
HAppy Chinese New Year to all!
Gong Xi Fa Choi!!!!
HUAt ar!

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