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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

26-10-2011 Mama & His Cambodia Trip

just another 9 days before my next oversea trip for this year
Just to share a little secret here
there will be another one in this coming December!!
Thank god my boss allowed me to take leaves!

So, continue from my previous Thailand post
I stayed one night at Khao San Road 
and took a bus to Siem Reap from there.

The whole journey was about 10 hours
5 hours from Bangkok to the border (by bus)
1 hour at the customs (required some walking)
and 4 hours at small van to Siem Reap

Siem Reap is just all about 
Sorry WRONG pic~

I paid for a tuk-tuk visiting Angkor Wat for 3 days
-About USD 20-
Me in front of Angkor Wat
Other Wats~
We bumped into each other 
when it suddenly rained at Angkor Wat
 and we both were stuck at this small temple~

Cambodian innocent kids
Siem Reap Night Market 
Some rich people having wedding ceremony at Angkor Wat
A local food that recommended by a new friend there
I think it is called AMOK
My room at Siem Reap
Free motor ride to Siem Reap town 
Room with wifi
cost me only RM 18 per day
My room looked pretty messy

Not to forget,
I also fall while cycling at Siem Reap's crazy traffic
and that's how I got this sexy Angelina Jolie's lips

Next post, 
left Cambodia in a ship
and went to the next country!


Friday, October 14, 2011

15-10-2011 Mama & His Cooking and Graduation Photo Shoot in Sg Petani

Of course,
when I am at somewhere with a Kitchen
I will definitely COOK!
 Extra Rice + Extra Eggs
 Extra Garlic (my favorite)
Extra meats and prawns..
The final output:
Sexymama's delicious fried rice
I bet got so people out there wanna hire me as maid 
or even marry me right away 
because I can cook pretty well (for a guy's standard)
Joking only k?

-Time to take photos for my convocation-
I decided to take it at my home instead of studio
(1) save money
(2) more lively..which is unlike the photo studio's 
dull background
My Mama helping to make the dress look neat

The Rest of the pic you can view them here

Not to forget,
my idea of taking pics with robe at primary school as well


The photographer:
"You should throw straight up into the air and not to the side"



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