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Monday, December 31, 2012

31-12-2012 Bong & Year End Review Part 2

Here continues my year end review
just in less than 3 hours time
and it will be a brand new year :)

Ranking number
 My Tragic broke up
Well number 5th is my valentines video
and the broke up ranked higher than video

Because after all, 
I have learned so much about being in a relationship 
The previous one was years ago,
right after my high school graduation and SPM examination
Things didnt work well with her

The similarity between these two relationship is
okay...get over it! move on!!!!

Ranking number
 My not-so-alone backpack trip
In South East Asia

In year 2010,
I lied to my parents and
tried out my first ever lonely backpack in South East Asia
and just 2 weeks ago, 
I completed another one:)

Ranking number

My scary accident experience 
 Why is it scary? 
because I had this phobia of driving after the accident
and it really affected me a lot in my life
now I wish I could work at somewhere with good public transportation
and also,
easy bus/flight access back to my hometown...   

Last but not least,

resolution for year 2013:
Main one- 
-- only one oversea trip --
which is...
Korea in the coming end of April!

Stay tune to see more of my backpack trip 
in Laos and Thailand next week..


Thursday, December 27, 2012

27-12-2012 Bong & Year End Review Part 1

again it is time reaching the final day of
year 2012...

and of course,
it means time to look back what I have achieved 
throughout this fabulous 2012

Ranking number 

My first ever self-made video
for someone important 

One of the Top 15 total views 
and Top 3 commented post in my all time history

Many thanks to my viewers for the support :)
Looking back at this video..
will only make me realized that I have came a long way


Ranking number 

My second europe trip 
back to Oslo
and also
enjoyed my first ever Cruise trip
from Oslo to Kiel
The sharing of what I have done in Oslo and Kiel 
successfully made my blog post 
one of the 'google search' results!
(Really proud of that ~)

And the 'frequency' of me visiting Norway
has made my friends thought that
I really have 'something something' over there.

Well, the answer remains secret.
but if it does happen,
then I will announce to everyone for sure. 

 Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.

Chapter 3.

Chapter 4.

Chapter 5.

Chapter 6.


Stay tune ...


Monday, December 17, 2012

17-12-2012 Bong & Blister but the journey continues

Today I had a day of rock climbing
With no shoes...

Reason? I got my slipper stucked in between rocks...

Now wearing a knock-off Crocs
That caused me only less than 15 Ringgit Malaysia.

Anyway, saying goodbye to Vang Vieng tomorrow...
The journey continues...


Thursday, December 13, 2012

13-12-2012 Bong & His trip starts now

Time: 4.42am
Location: LCCT
My south east asia trip officially starts now!

** The queue is so damn long! **
Everyone is escaping huh?

Monday, December 10, 2012

10-12-2012 Bong & His preparation

Christmas and new year are around the corner...
Thanks Chang Hua for sharing such lovely pic with me.....
Looking at the "rolled shirts"
Toiletries bag
Plug converter
I know my trip is near
Very near

Saturday, December 8, 2012

09-12-2012 Bong & His yearly lonely trip

It is time again
For me to travel alone
5 more days...
* this is my first blog post using samsung tab*

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

04-12-2012 Bong & His Christmas card

Received a Christmas Card this year
Sad ad Happy 
all wrapped up in one..

10 more days
Waiting for my getaway~


Monday, November 26, 2012

26-11-2012 Bong & His BIG Card

I got the chance to redeem free gift using BIG points!!

Wanna know what did I get for myself?
Stay tune~
See something strange in this pic??
 I bet you couldn't figure it out :)


Saturday, November 17, 2012

17-11-2012 Bong and His Barber

MYR 30
3mm or 6mm??
Now I am officially a barber? 


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

07-11-2012 Bong & 看不懂






Friday, November 2, 2012

02-11-2012 Bong & Drenched

Is it too late to ask for love? 难道,现在让你爱我,太晚了?
Is it wrong to feel right? 难道,不应该让你知道我们的感觉是对的?
When the world is winding down 当世界,被风吹落
Thoughts of you linger around 而我的脑海里却只有你在游荡
Have we lost our minds? 你是否忘记了我们的曾经
What have we done? 忘记了我们所做过的?
But it all doesn't seem to matter anymore 不过,一起似乎都不重要了

When you kissed me on that street,I kissed you back 当你在那条街吻我,我吻回你
You held me in your arms,I held you in mine 你我彼此拥入怀中
You picked me up to lay me down 你把我收入怀中就是为了把我放下
When I look into your eyes 当我凝视你的眼
I can hear you cry for a bit more of you and I 我能听到你的哭泣,不止因为你和我
I'm drenched in your love 我沉浸在你的爱
I'm no longer able to hold it back. 可是,我再也不能找回你

Thursday, October 25, 2012

25-10-2012 Bong "Cam-whore is BACK"

not too long ago
I dated someone who had an issue with me cam-whoring
But now...
since I am back to single
I proudly announce to myself
"Cam-whoring is back
and you have to accept that side of me!"


Thursday, October 18, 2012

18-10-2012 Bong "It is not wrong to miss you once in a while"

It has already been one year
since my convocation....

Well, seeing my juniors going to attend their convo....
Of course, I want to congratulate them...
at the same time, 
it reminded me lot of things about 'You'
and You...

But do I feel sad or emo thinking about You?
No more I guess :)


Saturday, October 13, 2012

13-10-2012 Bong "哭吧。。"


Sunday, October 7, 2012

07-10-2012 Bong "I know the answer~"

 I asked you
"What is the best way to recover from a break up?"
and you told me
"Find someone new"

I realized, 
I recovered much faster than I thought
I would....

Did I find someone new?
No, I didn't
or yes, 
I think I might have.

Watching Running man
Singing Karaoke
Sharing my deepest secrets with my close friends..

and now I look at myself....
"Am I really recovered?"

The easiest way to get the answer is
asking myself
"How would I act if you asked me to be back with you?"

I know the answer.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

04-10-2012 Bong "I just need a break??"

 Hm...what's that??
Lots of Jelly fish committed suicide??
the end of the world is coming soon???
 Let's take a picture...
 I miss this line
What was Adrian 'hinting'?
2 more months to go...
my time will come soon...


Saturday, September 29, 2012

29-09-2012 Bong & Phuket Part 6 (Goodbye - Final post)

After watching the show,
when we came out 
the sky turned dark already 
The buildings looked even more amazing with 
the nice lightings...
See these cute little golden fishes?
and one of them were yawning~
cute huh??
The place looked really amazing 
After watching the show
and visiting around the place for a bit
Time to feed the empty stomach now!!!
Another recommended restaurant
Food was nice
Price were cheap :)
The seafood was really fresh!
For the last night
time to watch some shows of course~
The shows were not just inside the club
but also outside, 
to attract customers~
The trip ended with a special offer to visit the club owner's house
and here was his cute little dog~
Good night
and goodbye


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