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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

29-10-2013 Bong & His Sunny Copenhagen Trip (Part 7- finale)

We had the room upgraded on our way back,
with TV and bigger bed!
This is what we got originally~
After walking few hours in Copenhagen,
I still wanted to eat more..
not purely because I was hungry and tired,
the nice tasty look of the danish sandwiches really tempted me~
Again, danish rye bread!!
At night, we went to a grill restaurant because my friend wanted to try the grill pork
There you go... see how BIG it was
and I managed to finish all by myself~
Asian who eats a lot = BONG
The next morning,
time to eat more again~
Eating breakfast in a ferry and enjoying the sea view
This was PERFECT!
See how much I could eat? :)
White people who wanna date me probably are gone now
ha ha ha~

That's all for my Copenhagen trip...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

23-10-2013 Bong & His Sunny Copenhagen Trip (Part 6)

What's so special about these horses?
See their hooves~
CRAZY big~
Tasted this meat ball...
Well, may be chinese meat ball tastes better?
This danish meat ball tasted a bit too plain for me~
Then my friend brought me to this so called
the most brownish pub in Copenhagen 
Why is it so brownish? 
Because people can smoke inside the pub~
After leaving the pub,
I felt like so much more refreshing
because I could breath some fresh air
I am not sure about the name of this area, 
but there is a lot of cheap lunch buffets in this area...
went into another pub after buying danish rye bread~
Halloween theme was already in ready mode~
and was a gay pub~
Yummy! Sandwiches made from danish rye bread~ 
City Hall
Outside City Hall, there were people having anti-government campaign~
Soon will be my first Halloween in a western country..
Looking forward!
Copenhagen central station~
Very old building
A bit more walk in the city before we headed back to the ferry
and see what I spotted?
or even gay shop?
Seems like Copenhagen is really a much bigger and busier city than Oslo
Anyway, time to say Goodbye~
See you again soon, 
I hope~


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