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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

30-11-2016 Bong & Hong Kong Trip Part 6

After finished walking at Kowloon Park,
we went into Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Center
to get ourselves chilled down a bit with the aircon~
From archaeological discovery from old time
testing your knowledge about archaeological finds...
the center definitely offers a lot of
interesting things to see
(than just the old aircon to cool ourselves down)
This floor
is actually made of glass
and beneath it is trays of broken antiques~
So beautiful!
At the thematic exhibition gallery,
at that time it was exhibition of 'Listen to Hong Kong'
One of the exhibitions
"真心话" (The truth)
Later that day,
I went down from the guesthouse
to buy this Michelin Guide
recommended street food~
It was 妈咪鸡蛋仔
(Mummy Pancake)~
At that time,
a Japanese food show
was doing filming at that shop as well~
I ordered one with chocolate flavor
and costed 20 Hong Kong dollar~
There is a screen right beside the cashier
where it displays the waiting number~
In a short while,
the Japanese hosts got their food...
and so did I!
we spent a little time at the Signal Hill Garden...
which was actually on our way to the ultimate destination~
We were so shocked
to see how many people
gathered there playing Pokemon Go~
We went up the hill,
had a bit of the view~
walked down again....
Our next 'pass-by' stop
was this Subway Starry Gallery~
The artists showcased there
were familiar for me,
but not Arne~
To be continued...


Sunday, November 27, 2016

27-11-2016 Bong & Hong Kong Trip Part 5

After checking out the 
Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars,
we also went around to check out other things at 
this Kowloon Park~
It was a lot of people
using the Kowloon Park swimming pool
at that time~
There is more than 1 pool there
and all the swimming pools
are actually rather big!
We wanted to try it too
but unfortunately 
we just didn't have time for it throughout the whole trip~
One special thing that amazed me very much
in Hong Kong was
their authorization of using this kind of
For our first Hong Kong breakfast,
we went into this Yuen Kee Restaurant
this was a very easy way
to place the order/bill~
First of all,
we had to try the Hong Kong style
milk tea~
Arne had an american chicken chop
breakfast set (with toast, ham, baked beans)
and I ordered an instant noodle
plus pork chop~
only costed us 61 Hong Kong dollar~
After breakfast,
Arne took a picture with the sign going to Hong Kong island
(with his typical playful facial expression)...
and then we went to this place
to do a thing 
that we ALWAYS do when we travel...
and that is sending
Then we went back to Kowloon Park again
to see the park in daytime~
With a lot of green plants,
in the middle of the city center,
the park is the perfect spot for people to go for a walk
or exercise...
or just relax~
We went from the Chinese park
to Aviary bird lake~
The birds there do pose for tourists while they are taking pictures~
Like this one,
it changed it pose from
.  "Let me out!"
to "Hey, are you taking picture of me"!
Then we saw one
that stared at us fiercely at first,
and then 
ignored us totally~
We went around the park
and ended up at another end
which is the Garden of Life~
We never seen this kind of hibiscus
that is so big as a tree
and the flowers are kinda special too~
From gardens to lakes,
we actually spent more than 2 hours there 
because the park is huge!
To be continued...


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