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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

27-10-2010 Mama & Photo Contest

Well, another 25 minutes left before this IT world photo contest ends..
This is our picture

which we targeted to win
at the very last day
9 hours before the competition ends
our BIGGEST competitor

managed to out-win us 200 votes.

-27-10-2010- 2am
Our pic: 420 LIKES
His pic: 470 LIKES

and now
-27-10-2010- 11.43am
Our pic: 440 LIKES
His pic: 640 LIKES

Want to know how he managed to do that?
Here is the MAIN tip to win this kind of contest
(1) One and only one tip
Go and find people who are in some other contests too
ask them to promote yours while you also have to promote theirs in return =)
Too bad for us,
we were too late to realize it!

Well, this is my first time joining a contest in Facebook
to me it is fun
and exciting.

Here is some tips in promoting and getting people votes
(1) Be polite
(2) Make yourself sounds exciting
(3) Be flirtatious (Words like Muax, Kiss, Hugs can always be used after Thanks)
(4) Don't feel shy to ask friends who have not been contacting for DECADES
you will be surprised that they actually are very friendly
and they would like to chit chat more ~

Another lesson learn:
I and another friend of mine had this idea of
'asking 5 friends of yours to help LIKING the picture
then these 5 friends will ask another 5 friends of theirs to do the same thing
and so on and so son....
the name this tactic (named by another friend of mine)
"The Power of 5"
but this tactic didn't work at all..
because most people will only try instead of guaranteeing you of making it.

Another few pictures that we had taken there:

What is this crazy girl doing?


Last picture
Theme: TVB Drama
Yoke Mun:Dai Kar Che (Gangster lady)
who is so fierce and will chop you into parts if you make her mad.
Yoon Yeh: Dai Gor (Gangster) who lose money in stocks.
Tee: Business man in suit who is horny? Lol...I AM SURE tee will kill me after seeing this.
Mama: Another horny man who is thinking about raping the business man.

That's all about this photo contest.
Even though we lose
we really did have fun in the process of getting votes!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

23-10-2010 Mama & Craziness

Define craziness
Retrieved October 23, 2010 from Oxford Dictionary

(1) insane or unbalanced, especially as manifested in wild or aggressive behavior

Does this consider as wild and aggressive?

Oh, wrong pic...should be this one

(2) extremely enthusiastic about something


or presenting Final Year Project

(3) appearing absurdly out of place or unlikely
For example,
Wearing like this to buffet

Funny time is over
Life is good when you can be crazy sometimes
because that means nothing is holding you back!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

16-10-2010 Mama & Treasure Hunt

This post is requested by some people
who want me to blog about this treasure hunt event.
When there is demand
there must be supply too =)
here it is...

Our team "Bong and friends"

We started this treasure hunt with Aliff's idea:

Aliff : The driver
Ah Yeh: The navigator (since he got GPS)
Arun: The prayer (since he WAS the holiest)
Ah Bong: The seducer

First destination: Tesco at Kampar

45 minutes drive from UTP
find two specific items with the total cost RM 0.82
1st item: white, clean
2nd item: refreshing, tesco choice
--> we got penalty for getting the wrong items.

Next clue:
Riddle me this, riddle me that,
what sort of a place has large hole on large rocks?
Gua Tempurung

15 Minutes drive from Tesco Kampar
find 5 different color rubber band outside the cave...

3rd clue:
a place where our UTP staffs posed for a Raya pic
-bus stop outside UTP-

From there, we started our TULIP
and along the way
we also had to solve questions...
For example,
"Bising yang ganjil diambil, di mana urusan dana boleh dibuat."
Take out the word B-I-S-I-N-G
and its ganjil (0dd) alphabets
Answer: BSN

Evelen in our National Airline. What is it?
Evelen in roman character: XI
National Airline: MAS
Answer: MAXIS

Next station:
We were given a passport

to answer 15 questions all about this Sultan Azlan Shah
but we didn't answer all correctly
so penalty was given to us
and of course,
we utilized the penalty time by taking GREAT pics

Last station,
we went to a place
to draw some ugly corak designed by the committee on this thingy

and also answered some stupid riddles
and then
we headed back to UTP
Some of my friends said that we didn't win because we took too many pictures
the fact is
we only took 36 pictures in 6 hours!
that's very little actually...

Whatever it is
I had so much fun with my friends~
Thanks for asking me to join this race with u guys.
That's all about the SEXY treasure hunt

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

13-10-2010 Mama & Posing

After clubbing &
singing K,
it is time for posing lesson now.

My first jumping shot
back in year 2009

credit to ANTM (America's next top model)
I learn how to jump and pose in the air
show the garments
look fierce
with my face controlled.

Then I bring this skill wherever I go
-Angkor Wat-
Just realized
it looks like I was sticking to the wall

How to make Angkor Wat sexy?


Besides posing in the air
a sexy poser must also know how to pose in the water
whether the eyes are above the water

or under the water

you still have to look fierce!

The most important thing is
always look for the camera

and even if you are not facing the camera
you still have to pose!

Just like what Tyra banks said
"look for the lights"

and always find the most difficult poses to outshine others

do not feel shy to pose at all~

That's all for now.

Friday, October 8, 2010

08-10-2010 Mama & Singing K

Besides clubbing,
another thing that I enjoy doing a lot is
singing K!
Back in year 2006
my first time singing K

**Wei Han, I do look innocent in this picture okay?
No more devilish sexiness...

At that time, singing wasn't my so called "Hobby" yet
unlike now...
I am totally addicted to singing K already
If I had more allowance every month
I guess I don't have to restrict myself from singing K everyday
like what I have to do right now....

Year 2007
with one of my favorite chiong K leng lui
"Sammi Yokemon"

Year 2009

Singing K with my high school friends (Siew Ting, Ching Yea and Pek Kee)

Comment from Ching Yea: My voice sounds like Soda Green

that's actually the first time I know how my voice sounds like
because I never paid attention to the projection of my voice
I just wanna 'sing'!

Year after year...
even the wall paper in K box also changed already..
Year 2010

Singing K to celebrate Chang Hua's birthday

Singing K with juniors (Chia Yang and Hui Ying)

and Hui Ying said my voice is sexy! Lol
Last but not least,
exclusively for all my friends
GAGAMAMA and friends
(most have seem it in FB I believed)

Using my voice to sing 小情歌
(sound quality is bad because this is my first and only take
and ...i used my phone to record it!)

That's all for now.
time to sleep and treasure hunt tomorrow.
Stay sexy guys!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

02-10-2010 Mama & Clubbing

* 2 years ago *
I was like that
innocent and naive

and never been to a club.
but I always wanted to
because it is like a goal that I must achieve during my university time
Then one night,
another innocent girl

brought me out for clubbing.
At the first few hours,
I felt extremely uncomfortable
and awkward.

songs after songs
I realized my brain was like instructing my body to move
my hips to shake
I am like Indians who got rhythm in them
and I never learn dancing before
even if my dancing is bad,
who caresssss!!

* Now *
I have a friend who enjoys clubbing
even more than me
he brought me to club twice this semester
and last night
he brought along a new girl


Good luck to him
because I think they both can be a nice couple.
And for the rest of us,
time to have fun after Final Year Project seminar...

Anyway, thanks Siu Ying
for her comments about her experience clubbing with me.
and after 2 years,
I am still innocent and naive (I think)
just a 'little bit' more enjoying life!

Last but not least,
a sexy kiss for all my readers
ha ha ha!

Another 5 more lecture weeks
1 week of study week
and then finals
Hope my remaining time in UTP can be exciting and sexy
just like yesterday!
Well, not only clubbing that makes life sexy and exciting
don't get me wrong =)

I am so going to miss all my UTP friends
and now I am already missing my high school friends
Can we club for our first time in Korea? lol

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