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Friday, December 25, 2009

26-12-2009 Bong Way Kiat vs SexyMama


My first time hang out with 5.0 friends in KL
went to Times Square
watched Avatar 3D
Shopped with Kok Pei...
and Kok Pei had some 'comments' about my clubbing
I appreciate those comments...
and they made me realize that
How much have I changed...

actually No...
I never changed
I just found the other side of me
When I am with 5.0 people...
I am Bong Way Kiat
When I am with UTP friends...
I am Sexymama aka Bong
and I wouldn't choose to be one of them
because I want to be both,
or I shall say Both are also me....

Just like what Anderson said..
"Just be yourself enough dy"
So, Who am i??
"that's not a secret like Gossip girl who never tell"


Thanks to Yi Zhi and other friends as well...
concerning about my relationship status
but I can't really update u guys yet
all I can do now is wait and see...
when things are settled down..
I will update in my Facebook!
I promise

Sunday, December 20, 2009

21-12-2009 Just Another Weekend


Went to Paddy with Hooi Yee, Anderson and Yoke Mun

(When I was editing this pic...only then I realized Yoke Mun's was actually in the shot)
(Anderson and I looked like edited into this pic, lol~)

Clubbing session is back~
Actually I have not been to club for 1 year plus...
All of a sudden,
I just wanted to club and dance ...
to forget things that I never thought it gonna happen to me...

" (,")(,") Why did I club so wild last night? Is it because I still couldn't let go..."

Frankly speaking...
that night was the wildest night for me
and I never danced like that before...

I was hoping that I could just let go for just one moment
but I couldn't...

2 A.M....I promised Yoke Mun to strip..


Went clubbing alone..
stayed up until 6am for the first train to go back Wangsa Maju...
I walked on the same road that I had just traveled one week ago...
but the feelings were totally different...
Slept around 7am++
with tears in my eyes


Went shopping after having lunch with Anderson
I just didn't want to spend my time alone in room...
I knew I would think about the same thing again....
Around 7pm,
Met up with the same gang again....
For our crazy Genting trip..
Yoke Mun decided to drive there after all..
because taking bus and cable car would take us more time..
and she didn't want to miss her Lam Fung's concert...
while Yoke Mun and Hooi Yee were in the concert
Anderson and I were eating KFC
(HOT RODS, Anderson sure u understand why I put all in capital letters)
and also shopping... time~
My first time in Casino..

and met a few Sin Min schoolmates...
but I couldn't recall their names
One more funny thing is
one of the croupiers asked me
"is this girl(Hooi Yee) your gf?"
then we did realize that he was looking at both of us,
not only Hooi Yee (which is weird)
and at last
when I came back to that table,
he actually wanted our numbers..
both of us!!!
I was like =.=|||

Anyway...I am really glad that I have friends who I can hang out with...
or else I could have had a very sad weekend...
sat beside my laptop just to wait for emails or messages...

Mama just decided..
is time for Mama to be back and be SEXY~


Sunday, December 13, 2009

14-12-2009 F-Secure Christmas Party part 2

my lunch time dy wor..
But I suddenly have this inspiration wanna blog..
lets continue then....

Yay! Christmas..

Our singer~ Not only she sang well...she sang non stop for I dont know how many songs...
and never off pitch!

When I was choosing for pics..only then I realized..
Eh! I looked so drunk at the back there!

Khian Hui + Yeh + San Chez + Philipino friend~

Our Cute and sexy Santa!!

OMG! I never seen condom in such BIG packet!

It wasn't F-Secure event if there was no...BEER~
may be is because Ingvar loves beer~

Dancing King and Dancing Queen
UTP representatives~ huhu

Just Dance~~~~~~~
(I love the girl's expression! Totally ALIVE)

After the lucky draw..everyone rushed into the elevator!
Congraz to Kenneth for winning RM 1500 traveling voucher!
Some people continued the party at 10th floor...
People like me who use LRT sure go bek lor...
there is another video that I cannot share now.
since Kamarul only posted it in FB without sharing it in our temp folder yet!

(writing this blog with down mood actually, even though this should be a happy post)
-Only Mei Fang knows what is going on I guess-
(Anyway, recalling these party moments made me feel a bit happy now)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

09-12-2009 Mama is not sexy today


at office
was chatting with some friends
then found out something
crushes my heart into two...

I HATE people lying to me
Mama is not sexy today
most probably will feel better after a good night sleep...

Monday, December 7, 2009

08-12-2009 F-Secure Christmas Party


having meeting at 11am..
purposely unwrapped the Christmas present that I had bought...
coz wanna take a pic of it~

Going to have F-Secure Christmas Party this thursday night..
bet it gonna be so fun
with nice food
luckily Yeh is going to send me to LRT station after the party
or else I cannot get myself drunk d...
and here is the present that I have bought to exchange...

A little cheapie Christmas Tree costs 20++
Thats why S & J got so many branches now..


time for meeting
bye for now
and Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 3, 2009

04-12-2009 Doggie Doggie...


at Haur's room
not ALONE, with Anderson
suddenly had this inspiration of giving Haur's TOY makeover..

Or the Classic Long straight hair (Tyra Banks sure love it~)

But the next one...

Done by Anderson...
He said "This is when the dog sees Ah Bong in Haur's room"

Forget to take the pic of mine...
my reaction was


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