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Saturday, June 29, 2013

30-06-2013 Bong & His Missions Before Next Chapter (Kapas Trip Part 1)

 Departed from Marang Jetty around 10.30am
 Boon and Xianghui~
We were sitting at the end of the boat
Caught up by a speed boat that departed later than us~
Well, our boat was a lot bigger~
and heavier with more passenger
 Passed by us already~
 Finally we reached Kapas island after about 15 minutes boat ride
 First thing first...
Looked for accommodation because we went there without booking..
we got to check in the last option we had
which happened to be 
the most best for our liking
The laid back atmosphere 
really helped me to forget all my work related stuffs ~
and just relaxed~
This is where we stayed:
Captain Longhouse
basically it is located at the very end of the corner of Kapas island
The relaxing Boon and hui~
The jetty to take boat to snorkeling
After lunch, we went snorkling
and after snorkling, we walked around the island..
walking from one side to another..
exploring as much as we could
Stay tuned..


Thursday, June 27, 2013

26-06-2013 Bong & Korea Eighth Post (Sundae? Starstruck?)

After coming back from Everland,
we had our very late supper nearby the place we stayed.
Ahjumma... I want Sundae!
This is not our Sundae ice-cream
 The next day morning...
We went to Bukchon Hanok Village
 It is basically a big compound of 
traditional village located between 
Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeok Palace and JongmyoRoyal Shrine.
 The view looking at the lower ground was really breathtaking~
 This is 'modern'
 Even through they are just next to one another!
Am I happy?
 Walking to "Yes" of course!
Not being happy will only lead you to a dead end~
Then "Happy" led us to the right way of exploring next great food..
Introducing to all of you
55 something @#%#&... noodle shop..
Nice comfy shop..
and we came in early for lunch so there were no people yet~
 After lunch,
we went to try our luck...
 SUPER K pop fans CFC~

we didn't manage to meet any artists :(
So, off to next destination..

Stay tuned!


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