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Monday, September 27, 2010

28-09-2010 Sexy room mates

Why suddenly blogged about roommates?
first is because one of my ex requested to blog about him

since I only have less than 2 months in UTP
so...I tried to do something funny
which is staying more than one room in UTP now.
Well I will get back to my new room later.

Let's review back all my room mates and ex roommates.
- Foundation first semester -
"Nobody / Anybody"
I stayed in a single room during my first semester in UTP.
That's the only semester which I have 100% privacy
and could bring anyone back to my room if I wanted to.
( lol...that did not happpen okay? )

- Foundation second semester until first year second semester -
Duration: 3 semesters
"Aaron Lau"

well, he is not well-known because his name sounds like Andy Lau
the thing that makes him so unique is

His icy cold plus wrong channel and frequency lame jokes
which require me additional 5 seconds to digest them
and then only get them
Well, that's not a bad thing.
At least it is a good attempt!

- Second year first semester -
"Eddy Tan"

How to describe him?
Quiet but genius in playing games
that's all I can say.
Another significant thing is
when I stayed with him
I believe we only switched on our lights for not more than 2 hours per day
the room was dark and freezing the whole time
which I sorta like it.

- Final year first semester until present -
As we all know,
the only thing that can describe him now is
"The ultimate lame King"
blogging about him reminded me of one more thing
I started this blog sort of because of him.
I can't really remember what he had told me about blogging,
but I am sure he was the one who suggested me to blog during internship.
Thanks Anderson.
at least now I have something else to do besides sleeping...

26/09/2010 until present


who are they?

"Tee Ping Hong + Tan Yoon Yeh"
So far I have been sleeping 2 nights at this room
the reason I moved to this room is not because my current roommate Anderson is not good enough
it is just simply because I want to have more fun~
more roommates
sexier and wilder life =)

That's all for this week.
Gotta go
time for class

Friday, September 17, 2010

20-09-2010 Sexymama vs Bong Way Kiat :" I officially lost you already..."

As mentioned before, this post will be about
Sexymama and Bong Way Kiat
First question,
even I myself also do not know the answer
Do "Bong Way Kiat" equal to "Sexymama"?
"Bong Way Kiat = Sexymama?"
It is not that I am confused with who I am as a person
I feel extremly comfortable being who I am
because I am not fake!
is just...
I do realize that I have different kind of personalities
(May be everyone does...but not in such an obvious way)
Like when I am with A and B
I am the sane person Bong Way Kiat
but once C adds into the group
I become crappy crazy Bong Way Kiat
which also known as 'Sexymama'

When I blog
most of the time I am writing it from sexymama's perspective.
Why sexymama? Why not Bong Way Kiat?
Well, Bong Way Kiat says he doesn't like blog that full with words..
long stories...
even they might be interesting and exciting
but those words will just make him bored
Bong Way Kiat says lets blog in a sexymama's way..
That's why my blog is like that
(Answering to my beloved sexy friend Mr Sin Kok Pei)

Back to the question.
"Bong Way Kiat == Sexymama"
"Bong Way Kiat != Sexymama"
The answer is up to you guys. I wish to know what you all think about that too
But personally, I am just who I am
Mama or not...
the most important thing is enjoying every single moment of my life.
Bong Way Kiat have never changed
he just have developed more in his life..
-Credit to Aliff Omar-
To People who think the Bong Way Kiat in this blog
is no longer the Bong Way Kiat that he/she knows...
come and talk to me..
then you will know... I am still who I am
but added a little bit more of spice..
a little bit more of flavor!

Now time to get back to my work.
in 2 months time
I will be graduating from my university
and moving on to another stage of life
may be next year when you see me
I am no longer sexymama anymore
I might be...
who is still sexy
who know?

-LATEST update-
Yesterday night before I and my roommate went to bed
he asked me
"Is there anything you wanna update?"
(well, we do have pillow talks sometimes)
I answered "No" last night
but now it is a Yes
because I just found out that the person who I think I might have chance to be with
has just updated the relationship status to in relationship with
well, no more Bangkok in October already I guess.
it is a relationship that does not worth to be invested in.

你已经远远离开 我也会慢慢走开
我真的没有天份 安静的没这么快
我会学著放弃你 是因为我太爱你

Bye for now
Stay happy stay sexy.
Lots of love

Monday, September 13, 2010

14-09-2010 Wendy Thian Mei Fang

This post is dedicated to two girls that I know from UTP
they are both from Bintulu
One wants to be in my blog
and another one said she doesn't want to be in my blog
but the truth is
when I told the latter that
my latest post was about her but it turned out that there was nothing about her at all
she sounded kinda disappointed
so the conclusion is...
everyone wants to me in my blog...

First, let's talk about the girl who wanna be in my blog.
Well, she is a very nice girl...
One thing that makes her so unique is...
She never(or rarely) said no to me when I ask her to hang out..
Plus, she is also the one who always ask people to go out and spend money
That's how she earns the title of
"Mother of Hang out"
Luckily she is rich enough to 'hang' so much ..
or else...
she will just become "Mother of Hangover" because of spending tooo much!
Few weeks ago,
she cooked for me and a couple of friends in my campus...
which was really nice of her
Actually I wanted to blog one post just to thank her for that
but since She wants to be in my blog too..
this post will serve these two purposes at one time.
Who is she?
Introducing our "Mother of Hang out"

And here is the food she cooked for us.

Second girl is someone who said she doesn't want to appear in my blog
because I would only write bad things about her.
that's not the truth..
I only write good things about people.
I don't have to describe much about her actually.
One pic will tell you everything.

By the way, this pretty girl has stopped using her blog long time ago.
And I have promised her ages ago that I would write one post to help her announce that.
But it seems like
not that many people actually following her blog..
so it is not in urgent at all to inform our friends about that.
(Ha~ so bitchy!)
The only thing I can still remember from her blog is the "Durian" post.

Coming up next in sexymama's next post:
Two days ago I met up with a couple of my high school friends at a place called
(The place is actually not bad)
(In the context of SG PETANI, Kedah I mean)
-must take photo next time, my high school friend please remind me-
okay, here comes the main point
someone who I think is pretty fabulous in everything he does...
commented that my blog is kinda...
regarding that,
this will be the content for my next post
telling you guys how I actually feel about
transforming from 'Bong' to 'Another Bong'.

That's all for now.
Mama is in holiday, but still lots of things to do
If I have had made little progress everyday for last week
I would not have that many pending tasks for now...
Well, Mama is sexy...but still is a normal human being
Laziness is the second thing that can described me after sexiness.
(just joking, I am not sexy at all)

Anyway, time to leave..
Stay sexy people!

Monday, September 6, 2010

07-09-2010 A man who I met 3 years ago

Three years ago at a club at KLCC area.
That was my first time clubbing in my entire life.
and as I remember
that feeling was not good at all
My friend who brought me to club even criticized on my outfit
because it was so...not clubbing'ish.

Well, what do you expect from a virgin who never stepped into a club?
I was sooooo freaking uncomfortable for the first 3 hours in there
My friend asked me to dance
but I could only move my upper part of my body like a little chicken
And I saw couples kissing all around the club,
the dance floor,
outside the restrooms,
on the couch ...

I was like OMG...
then I found myself a place which is much quiet to sit.
Here came this person who was sitting next time
started to hold my hand
and asked
"Is it your first time here?"
" do u know that?"
"Well, I have been observing you after you entered the club...You just look like you don't belong here"
That's how I started to know this guy.

He brought me to Marketplace on Saturday night.

A place who I have heard of many times...
but I don't have the courage to go there
because the people there are all like gorgeous creatures..
I just don't want to look stupid in there.
The clubbing part is not important at all...
because I still didn't feel like i fitted in there...
May be if I were with my close friends I would be much more comfortable
and just let go...
what amazed me was his superb memory
When he picked me up at Bukit Bintang,
he told me he remembers that I was in my first year when I met him the first time
the details of our conversation three years ago( which remain secret here) really sort of freaked me out...
but in a good way =)

He saw me not that comfortable in the club
and he asked to go back early.
Well, that totally saved my life!
Whatever it is,
I enjoyed the night a lot.
but that's not the reason why I was late to Rawang the next day.

What's coming on my next post:
-two girls from the same hometown
-One wanna be on my blog but another one does not!

Stay tuned and stay sexy!
Mama needs some rest after my tiring KL trip.
to my Muslim friends
"Selamat Hari Raya"
and to my other friends
"Happy Holiday!"

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