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Monday, September 26, 2016

26-09-2016 Bong & Hong Kong

Second day in Hong Kong
This is the city view we got~

Saturday, September 24, 2016

24-09-2016 Bong & Penang Homestay

The day before our flight from Penang to Hong Kong,
we stayed a night at this Charmaine Lodge~
It is located at Elit Height,
Bayan Baru~
at the 27th floor....
So needless to say,
the view from the balcony was just fantastic~
We rented a small room
with shared bathroom~
which costed us MYR 123.
The apartment doesn't have wifi
and fridge,
which is kinda a problem~
We thought of going to the top floor
to find the swimming pool~
But then found out that it was somewhere at a lower floor~
Located at the 7th floor,
there are swimming pool,
and other recreational facilities~
At ground floor of the condo,
you can find tones of restaurants
and cafes~
But mostly the same kind (Chinese, Japanese & Korean)
The location is near to the airport,
so it was perfect for us since
we needed to catch an early flight~
We chose a Japanese restaurant
with a conveyor belt sushi bar~
(Since Arne never experienced that)
The food was okay,
not the best Japanese food I have ever eaten,
but still recommendable~
The name of the shop
is Sushi Mentai
The owner of the homestay
told us 
the night view is even better than during daytime~
I guess she wasn't lying!

BYE for now
to Malaysia~

See you in 4.5 months!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

20-09-2016 Bong & Mid-Autumn Festival

This time is Arne's first time
being at Sungai Petani
while it is not Chinese New Year...
and he was lucky enough
to join
the celebration of this traditional festival~
It was at least 15 years ago
since my last time
celebrating mid-autumn festival
at this lovely Jubilee Park
at my hometown, Sungai Petani.
I think it was nice to show Arne
how we celebrate this festival...
and at the same time,
I could recall the memory
of celebrating Mid-Autumn as a kid as well


Thursday, September 15, 2016

15-09-2016 Bong & Airplane Food

This time traveling back from Norway
to Malaysia,
we had the chance to experience
food from three different airline company~

(1) British Airways
from Oslo to London
It was only a 3.5 hours flight
so we got only 'snack'
to be honest...
the pastrami tasted kinda nice!
Muffin was okay as well~

(2) Cathay Pacific
From London to Hong Kong
We were served dinner
not very long after the flight took off~
Arne chose chicken with rice while
I chose fish~
The best part of Cathay Pacific
(in my opinion)
is having Häagen-Dazs ice-cream for dessert!
And not to forget,
snacks that economic class passengers
can request during midnight~
Cup noodles!
That feeling of being served a warm cup of soup noodles...
in the middle of the night~
Arne chose sausage and scrambled eggs
while I chose seafood porridge~
Both were quite okay. 

(3) Dragonair 
from Hong Kong to Penang
I chose Japanese seafood noodles
while Arne chose chicken spaghetti~ 
The Japanese seafood noodles were just okay...
not that much 'seafood' there.

All in all,
Cathay Pacific has so far the best plane food
that I have experienced so far~
Hopefully in future can get the chance to try out other airline companies too~


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