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Saturday, August 30, 2014

30-08-2014 Bong & His Stockholm Trip Part 34 (Hallwylska Museet & "Hats Off")

Next destination was this
Hallwylska Museet.
It is located by the big street
just along the tram line,
so I found it quite easily~
The whole museum was kind of
and dark~
From hall to hall,
they were not actually that big~
But you could see 
or even 'smell' that the things there are really old
And inside the cabinets 
were a lot of stuffs...
from dining sets
to porcelain dolls~
Real creepy,
don't you agree?
Even the dining places 
were not so big~
But nice chandelier anyway~
Well even though the museum itself
wasn't that big
but it was still nice~
On the top floor
was this hat exhibition named
I wasn't sure about their origins
or styles..
but they looked kinda like British inspired hats to me~
These hats below ..
looked more like Moroccan inspired hats then~
Swedish kind hat huh?
So so cute~
or hat?
Would you dare to wear it?
Real couture piece, lol~
Its backyard~

Sunday, August 24, 2014

24-08-2014 Bong & His Stockholm Trip Part 33 (Temporary National Museum)

After visiting Post Museum,
I crossed over this bridge..
and headed over to my next destination~
which was this
"Temporary National Museum"
The reason why it was temporary because 
they were building a new one
or renovating the old one..
I couldn't remember :( 
Walking into this building,
I immediately felt that
this "temporary" building wasn't very big
That's why they even had 
National Museum A and B at that time..
Too bad I was out of time,
so I could only visit one~
At that time,
there was this exhibition held in the national Museum
"Master of Darkness"

It seemed like human body
 & nudity
are essential elements in art~
Besides the art exhibition,
they had this too~
History commentator?
And other stuffs too~
Suddenly I ended up
at this room
which was full with nude paintings~
I wonder how the audience 
can concentrate on the speech while the surrounding is so
Last part was this modern art exhibition~
and I love this drawing the most~
Any reason?
you might just see a nice drawing of a nice little girl
reading a book under the shades.
But look more into the small detail...
there is also this good vs evil kind of fairy at the corner
like small characters in "Alice in the wonderland"~
More of Stockholm...
to be continued....


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