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Saturday, April 24, 2010

25-04-2010 Thanks to A and B

First of all
wanna thank all my friends who
celebrated my birthday with me,
posted wishes in FB,
sent me e-card,

I will write a new post just for that

just got the Bali pics from H today
(H is the so-called compiler)

many nice pics haven't uploaded in FB yet
but never mind la..
we sexy people do take nice pics
so we can't upload all of them
hope u all understand =)

but the following is the highlight of the trip..
stay tune with mama...

Day 1

Sexymama with his not-so-sexy girl friend
-their romantic and sexy Bali trip-

Day 2

on the beach

Mama made a new friend

and they even...


Day 3

the not-so-sexy girl friend found out


"I swear we are just friends"


MAMA is in deep shit~



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

21-04-2010 A or B?

Just realized a new trend recently...
Homo sapiens like to propose 2 homo sapien options
and let the homo sapien to choose one...
sounds confusing?

for example, between A and B...which one would u choose?

if in term of lover...
I realize that i have a plus over other homo sapiens
I will be given another gender as option instead of girl only

for example,

Mei Fang

or Jia Haur?

Li Li or Jia Haur?

Xiao Min or Jia Haur?

W commented
"But the guy option only got Jia Haur..."

this kind of game is not only limited to the context of lover only...

how about who is prettier?
(Me, W, Y, Z, O were chit-chatting at old town)

Z :"Z and G?"
(Only 5 of us know who is G)
(SO...shhhhhhhhhh...remain secret k?)

O :"G"

and then Z was like =.=||||||||
(O's EQ is so damn low lar)

Y :"Bong and Z"?

O : "........."
O needed some time to think...
(of course Z is prettier lar..she is a girl!!)
what's O answer?
ah...remain as sexy secret..
but O said I am sexier than Z..
which is a well-known fact already =)


Friday, April 9, 2010

09-04-10 SMS you will be expensive

The coming week will be week 11 of my
final year first semester
Another 4 weeks to go before my study week
and I know
I gonna be super busy
for these coming weeks
so I told B
I gonna be busy
and I might not online...
I want B to do one thing for me
whenever B misses me
B can text me

B told me it gonna be expensive then
which I don't understand
because B even called me from Norway
sending messages wouldn't cost much actually


and then I got B's explanation
B only sleeps for 7 hours a day
So for the other 17 hours..
B has to keep sms-ing me..
which makes it expensive......

(understand the story now?)

I gotta say
whatever B said..always make me
feel super sweet
Please...I am afraid of diabetes


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

07-04-10 Life is like ABC

Why life is like ABC?
not Ais Kacang ABC
is alphabets ABC

I also don't know
normally I would say
life is like making love
having s*x
all these sound just..
too normal already

Life is like ABC
because we have A, B or C
if you don't like A
go for B
if you don't like B
then go for C
if C u also don't like
then you can go 'C' liao
(Hokkien means go die/pi mati)
ha ha ha~

Why am I taking craps here?
I also don't know
after finished reading some of my friends' blog
I feel like...
life is just like ABC
because everything seems easy
as long as you think it is easy
ha ha ha~

life is just like ABC
sexy and seductive
because Ah Bong is sexC

okay...stop crapping
"Introducing a new character in my blog"
spent my last weekend with C
C was my neighbor when I was staying in Bkt Bintang
thats all I can tell for now =)

Back to B
"This is honest..if I had to make a choice today..."
"I would you if you had let me"
best quote by B
I can say B is one of my top fans in my blog
because B is the type that will check whether my new post tells about B or not.

And back to A
I hope A is doing good in Bangkok
in the last SMS A told me that things are not going that well
A always make wrong decision
even though A is smart
well...this is Love =)

should get back to my work dy
Pending tasks:
X%^% x?%
too many

that's why I also wanna apologize to my friends
who I didn't spend much time talking to u guys
I already received a few complaints
from people..
like Aleap Omar?

Bye for now

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