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Saturday, March 31, 2012

01-04-2012 Bong & His Home

Day passes by...
No matter where i am
If it is without you
every single day is meaningless
you are my home...

My family,
seems so far yet so close to me
because they are in my heart
but you...
I don't know where you are now...
I am now searching
looking back what we said to one another
are what I am seeking at this moment,
because you couldn't give me
My family is my home
you are my another home to be...
the home that I will spend the rest of my life with~

What's home to you?
When can I come back to that home?
Let me go home....


Sunday, March 25, 2012

26-03-2012 Bong & Norway Again Last Chapter (Snow, Nung and my food)

Just came back from the fantastic cruise trip..
and what I brought back to Oslo city
was lots and lots of snow~
 I loved seeing those dustbins covered by snow...
and the whole park was in white color as well~
Felt like tasting it for a second..
So dreamy looking... 
 Suddenly I felt like the city just looked very strange
and after observing it for a while,
I found out the answer why it looked so different...
It wasn't like the one we have in Malaysia..
The sky in Oslo was just all white...
like a sky without sun
just blank whiteness ...
 At night,
the snow looked so different ...
 Everything outside looked yellowish
but I loved it...
Looked very romantic 

His name is Nung...
"Are you taking picture of me?"
"Let me pose.."
 "Meow..see my claws!!!"
 Nung's fat fat body
"Ah...I wanna sleep"
Cam whore with Nung...
Let's try to wink~ 
Nung is smizing~
 Love you...muax!

Hot soup in the winter 
Whale meat 
that you can find in Oslo  

My first tram-taking experience

After 7 wonderful days in Oslo,
it was time to say goodbye.... 
 In flight entertainment
which you can play games, watch movies, dramas, 
listen to musics, check your flight info, take language courses 
and many more..
 Two meals provided for the flight from
Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur
First one...
 Potatoes, chicken...
 Bun with cheese and butter
Cute packing of salt and pepper 
 Second meal - Breakfast
 Egg, Potatoes...
Carrot cake~ 

That's all for my March Oslo trip...
When will be my next overseas trip?


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

21-03-2012 Bong & Norway Again Chapter 6 (Germany back to Norway)

At the bar,
there was still cute, realistic looking yet creepy doll
Then we moved to a pub kind of place to have our 
very "German" lunch~
Downstair was this beer making place
And there you see,
my very "German" lunch
My favorite european food - Potato
German Sausage
At the toilet,
first time I saw the machine selling 
After spending 4 hours in Germany..
walking back to the cruise
Me and Colorline Cruise
Two show girls performed welcoming show~
After having a bit rest,
it was time to see sunset 
and also
this bridge that the cruise would pass by underneath it
The bridge was still far
Getting nearer
then REALLY near
Right at the bottom of the bridge
I love the windmill~
and the view was just breathtaking

Not to forget,
bought some tax free items as well
It was how they were placed in the shop
Like our Malaysian mini minyak cap kapak!
(OMG..I couldn't believe I managed to name something like that)
(That's so 'aunty'!!!)
and Of Course,
Another night on the cruise,
tried out ala carte this time around...
For starters, I had  Norwegian crab..
How was the taste?
To be honest, it was so good 
and you would know it was actually crab!
and for main course,
I had fish of the day..
Some kind of norwegian fish,
which according to my friend, 
it is not something usual that we can get~
Yeay I was lucky~
Tasted super nice! HoHoHo...
Nice drink
BONG?? why was my name printed there?
it actually means receipt in
After 20 hours journey time
finally, the cruise was approaching Oslo soon
and I saw land, not endless sea..
Bye bye Donkey bar!
Bye bye Fantasy~
-To be continued-

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