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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

31-12-2014 Bong & His Winter Update 4 (The year is ending soon)

This was the ribbe I made..
Well it wasn't perfect
but the skin was at least crispy and crunchy~
Ribbe served together 
with Christmas sausages (Julepølse)~
Helge who was celebrating Christmas with us,
also made very delicious pinnekjøtt~
Not to forget,
Christmas beer (Juleøl)!!
The day after Christmas,
we went on a boat trip to Copenhagen~
(AGAIN...for me =.=)
But anyway,
let's have a good new year eve first!

Stay tune for more


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

24-12-2014 Bong & His Winter Update 3 (All I want for Christmas is NOT you)

Well for my winter update part 3,
just share with you guys some pictures of the flower groups I have made
while I was working a bit at a flower shop~
And now...
work is finished
and time to celebrate Christmas!
Luckily for them this year,
they have a new company~
Now I am making ribbe
a norwegian food for Christmas~
A crispy oily skin layer
that makes people feel super contented
this super crispy oily skin also contains lotsss of FAT!
and with other delicious Christmas food that I am going to get later..
All I can say is..
All I want for Christmas is 
NOT you!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

20-12-2014 Bong & His Korea FINAL Post (More Korean food, shopping and then good bye~)

After taking photos with Korean traditional clothes,
and shopping a bit around that area..
we were all hungry and wanted to try some other korean food
we chose korean steamboat this time!
Then time to continue shopping 
Besides shopping,
there was also street performance~
Looked kinda SCARY yet amazing to me!
Reminded me of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon~
Not to forget to mention,
both me and Jui Boon also bought a new pair of glasses,
done in just 3 hours!
and only costed us like MYR 70!
This was the one I got!
And of course...
face masks, korean food + snacks~..etc etc

Our very last dinner at Seoul,
and we went to a slightly higher standard Korean restaurant~
I miss those warm grilled meat now!
And this salad! 
with sesame and some other dressing
very well done~
no more shopping
but just walking around more
to see more of Seoul at our very last night~
From Neon lights to old buildings,
what a beautiful city Seoul is!

Finally finished blogging about this trip~
What's next?
Stay tuned..


Monday, December 15, 2014

15-12-2014 Bong & His Korea Twenty Ninth Post (When we became Korean)

Arriving early at ,
we were excited 
with the aim of transforming ourselves
into Korean in traditional costumes~ 
I must say we took in the persona of old time Koreans
pretty well~
We even gave ourselves very specific characters to portray~
CFC on the left was the master..
me as the rich intelligent guy..
while Jui Boon was the pitiful maid who served both of us..
Sorry to say...
even though Jui Boon was posing with his hand on his waist...
trying to look more "intense"...
he looked more like a poor little maid~
Always fun with this kind of dress up~
Most importantly


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