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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12-11-2010 Dying Mama @ IRC (Graduation Part 3)

A brilliant idea of taking pictures in IRC (Information Resource Centre)
aka Library of UTP
was suggested by my dear batchmate, Hum Xiao Min today.
Well, we supposed to take pictures like this

but then it ended with with my creative friend
Tan Yoon Yeh
with his creative ideas taking pictures of IRC crime scenes...

The story began with an innocent boy who was naturally flirtatious
and unintentionally created a lot of troubles...
therefore, he had to find a way to hide

from his enemies...
including course mate's boy friend

and also...some other guys who failed to get him
and turned their 'love' to 'hatred'!!!!
Why is he so sexy?
Why? Why?
Why? Why? Why?

too bad for him...
The enemies were very strong and
they knew that he was going to hide in the crowd in IRC
they trapped him in between the sofa once he entered IRC.

and then put the sofa on him!

They also made him fall from the ladder

and the stairs
when he was trying to escape...

After that,
the murders knew that they had to hide this sexy corpse
and the only way was to ..
hide his sexiness first
which was covering him up with some boring unsexy books!
Rest in peace R.I.P

-Mama and friend's production-
Credit to Siu Ying and Xiao Min for their cameras
and also
Tan Yoon Yeh for being creative director.

What's next:
"Mama is no longer a gossip girl"

Stay tunned
especially to Aleap, Mei Le and Xiao Min.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

24-11-2010 Mama & ABCD+F

As you can see from the title,
this post is going to be about

Me 'A'h Bong
who was bored in UTP
invited by

My 'B'loved BIS course mate in UTP
Jason Puan

Captain of fishing Batch July 06
Aaron Lau Chong TeCk

The Driver
John Jia Haur

Went F***ing after Baquito's Birthday

Well this is actually my first time fishing
100% virgin
never touched a hard fishing rod before, trust me~
but it was actually kinda fun
much more interesting and exciting than what I expected
May be it is because I always get excited easily about things =)

And the outcome of this three-hours experience was
The 'D' wanna make out with the 'F'
-What the 'F'-

And the next day
the fish...became the dish =)
That's all about A, B, C, D and F
I know some friends wanna know my 'status' with the ABCD in my blog..
Well, I think I will make a brief update next time =)
Stay tunned.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

18-11-2010 Mama & Graduation Part 2

In order to get graduated
there is one thing that no one can avoid

-Final Exam-

and of course
most people choose to study in library aka IRC during study week.
since studying is extremely boring
there are advices on what you can do to be less bored...

Best of the best
-Taking picture-

(1) of yourself

(2) with props

(3) with someone

(4) someone who attracts your attention and inspires you to study
whether is a "He"

or a "She"

you can take stupid video that is directed by your buddy
(Guess who he is from the voice~)

Those are what you can do to make studying process more fun
and not what you can do to get better scores...

Good luck to all my friends who are having finals just like me =)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

15-11-2010 Mama & "Short" update

Just expressed my envy to a friend of mine
Aleap Omar
since he is so damn free
and he can update 11 posts in just 2 days.
As a result,
this is what I got from him:

and for those who don't know who he is

Comment from Aliff Mukhtar in facebook about this picture:
byk btol gmba couple korg kn


That's all about my latest brief update.
I hope Mei Le sees it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

06-11-2010 Mama & Graduation Part 1

Hola my loyal readers..
While my BFF Blair and Serena just got into Columbia 2 months ago,
Here I am writing this post
cant wait to graduate from University of Technology PETRONAS.

Of course,
not to forget to mention
I have my own "must-do list" before I graduate as well.
Besides moving into another room
and sleeping with 2 guys at the same time every night,
there is another task that I have just accomplished...
-ICT BIS Course Dinner-

Back in 2007
We didn't have our own transport at that time.
Thanks UTP for providing us UTP bus.

My pretty course mate Mei Fang

Another gorgeous course mate Li Li

The girls

After reviewing dinner in 2007,
now I wonder where were Anderson and Jane.
Eileen and Jason didn't attend if not mistaken.

My friends and I didn't change much actually,
even the poses are similar...



Here are some other great pics
Thanks to all talented photographers of the night

Looks like Gossip Girl casts in red carpet event

My dream: to have girl friend and boy friend at the same time! lol
Dream comes true....wkakak!

Credit to Jane and Li Li

Credit to Izzam

BIS rocks! in the dinner...and also the club!

That's all for part 1.
1 down, more pending tasks to go
(Gossip Girl UTP version poster)

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