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Saturday, September 28, 2013

28-09-2013 Bong & His Oslo Friday Culture Night Part 2

now is already officially autumn in Oslo, Norway
At Folks Museum 
Yang Yang was also busy capturing nice photos~
The gang hid and waited at this place
and wanted to scare off Yang Yang who was so focused in taking pictures.. 
but I was a bit more in front of Yang Yang
So I spoiled their plan when I found out they were hiding inside there!
The farm
and we saw REAL horse...
with other animals...
Up the hill
There was this little church
Xiang Yang was trying to imitate something here... 
Any idea? :) 
Time to leave folks Museum..
and go to the next stop.
But before leaving,
we took some nice photos
which I will only show in next post..

Stay tuned.

And also, 
today is my close friends,
Eileen and Jeff's Wedding
Because I am now in Oslo...
I cant't attend their wedding.....
Hopefully Wendy did help me to show them my little video clip.
I wish u both sweet love forever... 

Miss you guys...


Sunday, September 22, 2013

23-09-2013 Bong & His Oslo Friday Culture Night Part 1

Oslo Friday Culture Night
-a day when we could visit many places for free-

First place that we went to
The only thing I knew about Edvard Munch is he painted this 
"The Screm"
It was great to see his other paintings as well.
and also
there was this elegant old lady who has been working there for many years, 
explained to the visitors about his paintings and his life 
(Thank god it was in English)
His story was really fascinating to me. 

After the exciting one hour visit in there,
we rushed to the next stop
 The chocolate factory!
Besides visiting it for free,
we were hoping for some free chocolate tasting too~
There was no English tour this time around..
so all we could do was just GRAB the chocolate
 and EAT!
 and EAT non-stop!!!
Me and Wong Yih
My another Malaysian friend in HioA
For this intake, I believe there were only two malaysians~

A group photo before we left~
 Next stop:
Norsk Folks Museum~
To be continued...


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