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Friday, July 30, 2010

31-07-2010 Bye A, B, C, D, E

This will be my last post using alphabets...
because recently I received quite a lot of reviews
saying that
my post will be much better
and less confusing
if I just put real names and
attach their pics.
that's possible
and I think it is almost the time to say good bye to
those "Alphabets" too.

So first part of this post is FINAL update
about A, B, C and D.
A is now back to Bangkok after the trip to Malaysia.
B is now having holiday at Norway, playing war craft or dota I don't know..
C will be going back to Australia next week...
and D still busy with the business in Paris. (Our progress is really slow, lol~)

That's all about alphabets.

The second part of this post will be using real names and real pics.
Introducing my handsome high school best friend
Cheng Yong

and also
my sexy university best 'brother' aka L
Opps, sorry, no more initial
Yoke Mun

Why only introduced two of them?
because..tomorrow is their birthday

Besides that, my dear friends Wendy Yii and Hum Xiao Min

also suggested two new nick names for me
"SexyGaga" and "GagaMama"
which one suits me better huh?
SexyGaga sounds more like praising Lady Gaga than me
GagaMama la..

Presenting u
GagaMama with McD GCB!


That's all for my first week of Final Year
Final Semester

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21-07-2010 Bye Singapore and Back in UTP

Finally no more trip
and back to UTP for now =)
Time to start my Final Year Project..
Wish me luck =)

While I was updating my blog last night
someone suddenly PM me and asked me
"Ah bong you gorgeous creature"
"do update your blog"
Thanks for the kind reminder
She is someone who reads a lot,
and apparently my blog is also another must read material of hers.
She came across "You gorgeous creature" in a book
and she said it applies to me 100%
Honestly, I think she is becoming sweeter and cuter!
not just because of the compliments she gave to me...

Okay, back to the main topic.

(1) KL trip - Dinner at KL tower

thanks for Hooi Yee for the information and pic in FB
That album gave me the inspiration for celebrating A's birthday there.
So, I brought A here to have romantic birthday dinner
AS a friend =)

(2) Singapore Trip
Well, the main purpose is not to visit Singapore

I just wanna visit :
Cheng Yong: because he has been studying there for years and I did promise
to visit him at least once
Jee Wen: She is back from UK to Malaysia but she said hanging out in Singapore
will be more fun? lol
Siew Ting: -reason remains secret for now-

So, I went there to pass them the souvenirs I have bought from
Bali, Thailand and Vietnam.
Went to Sentosa for the first day
well, it was fun because I haven't been there for years
Went to their casino as well
didn't win much
but it was enough for some tickets of the day~

At Merlion

Songs of the sea

Second day
Visited places around Bugis, Lavender and also Little India in the afternoon
and at night
we went to a place that
according to my friends, suit me the most in Singapore
The place is pretty good
some sell vegetables,
and some sell meats.

The rest of the pic is available here.
-Click me-

And, finally L replied me today.
We talked over phone and
it really felt good because I miss L sooooo much!
I can't wait to see L next week...
and of course other UTPian friends too
Just like what Wendy said
this semester is the final semester already
I feel excited since we all have came such a long way
and in another 4 months,
it is the END of this chapter of life...
I don't know whats going to happen next
May be will marry to Paris?
May be will get a job in KL and everyday work from 8-6?
Life is always full with uncertainty
which is what I like
because you will never know what u gonna get
what I can do for now is
Stay sexy, Stay happy
enjoy every moment of my life
that's what I have learn from visiting those temples in South East Asia
I've told u all I did change after the trip
from the way I talk
to the way I blog..
but the only thing that will never change is



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

09-07-2010 Single? In relationship with? Complicated?

"How to find your true love?"
These are a few ways that I always believe in
In a bus/train.
On a street..
At a restaurant....
as long as it is not a place where you make friend
and it is not from 'friend' to 'lover'
because I do believe in love at first sight
and it has to happen at a place which is so common
yet sooooo special
you can find a lot of strangers...

Weird theory, I know =)
even though this is something I always believe in
I also sort of believe that
"This is SO not going to happen..."
my trip back from Pattaya to Bangkok has proven me wrong.

Here comes the story about D
I was back on my way from Pattaya to Bangkok
In the bus
honestly I felt a little bit awkward
as in someone was looking at me all the time
then I realized
Yea, there was this passenger looking at me
and smiling at me all the time
lets name this person 'D'

D had newspapers in hand and therefore,
D was supposed to read the newspaper
But I could feel that D wasn't focusing on the newspaper anymore
D was distracted!
Was it me? or someone else in the bus?
I didn't know the answer
But I was like whatever...
I was so tired after everything in Pattaya
I just wanna sleep in the bus!

So, I slept for the first hour...
and suddenly,
I was woken up because I felt that the thai boy sitting beside me was going somewhere else
Ah, he just went to the toilet..
he never came back.
He went straight to the back of the bus and
sat on other empty seat
God knows why...Did I smell bad?
Then I realized...
D was actually still staring at me!
actually a bit scary
(someone is looking at you while you are sleeping)
(this is just crazy~)

D smiled at me
and of course, I replied with my sexy and sweet smile.
D smiled and I replied...
this repeated for like...20 minutes I guess.
Of course, my smile also turned from
sweet and sexy
to "why are u looking at me...swt!"
All of a sudden,
D started to speak to me
asking what's my name
D invited me for drinks after we reached Bangkok
and then
D also invited me for dinner.
the dinner was really nice.
D cooked the food for me
and I never tasted so much wine at one time
D said drinking wine is very common in France
(D is from Paris)
So D was all the time like
"you must try this"
"this is a good one"
"this is from 198+"
But to be honest,
I don't know how to taste them
wkakak! too bad, good wine just wasted on me...
(or may be D just wanna get me drunk, lol~)

Well, I was supposed to catch the train before 12
to get back to my 'home' in Bangkok
But my brain was so so heavy

and for now, I am still in touch with D.
that's the story about my theory and what really happened to me.
Well, not too bad.
I can continue in believing that theory now =)

D told me
"You excite me from the moment I saw you in the bus"
that's a good compliment!
Why westerners are always so sweet huh?
whatever it is,
it feels nice to make a new friend this way.
So, this is "D".

Recently someone commented reading my blog is like reading gossip girl
At first my plan was to gossip about others
and write some funny stuffs in my blog
but more and more
I am more to telling my stories now
which lead me to
knowing myself better I guess.

Whatever it is,
Mama is happy to know you, D.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

05-07-2010 I miss you L

First of all,
sorry to readers who wanna know about D
As I promise,
this post is supposed to be about "D"
but ...
due to some "unforeseen circumstances"
I had to blog about this L first

2 days ago
I texted L
because I was
really really missing L
I normally do not do that to any of my friends
because even though I miss them
I know that I am still in touch with them
However, this L
never picked up my calls
never replied my sms (sort of)
never answered me in messenger
I really afraid of losing L

G (a good friend of mine and L)
told me that everything will go back to normal when we all go back to campus
I really don't know
it scares me when I never heard anything from L

this post is dedicated to u
so that...
u know how much I miss u
I mean it, seriously!

I miss the time when I had to wait every night to go mamak with u
I miss the time when we went Ipoh together to sing K
watch movies
eat McD
jalan-jalan at Ipoh park at 4am
climb Keledang Hill at 6am
then eat dim sum at 7am
I miss our clubbing sessions as well
since I gave my first time to you
(I mean clubbing experience, lol~)
I miss the time when u and I had little private talks in the car....
(that's why my Cantonese improved a lot)

Anyway, just another 3 weeks before I go back to campus
I hope I am ready to see L again
after so many weeks
or months
of not catching up with L
it might be a bit strange I guess...
ha ha!

Mama misses u...
do u miss Mama?

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