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Sunday, April 28, 2013

30-04-2013 Bong & His king

I am my own king :-)

* like the long-leg lady behind me *

Thursday, April 25, 2013

25-04-2013 Bong & Bangkok Finale

Walked from Platinum Mall..

Until Sala Daeng..
Some says Sala Daeng is the main financial district in Bangkok..
and I am not sure how true is that~
But what I did see was a lot of shops..
targeting tourists.
You can find cheap spa and massage here~
The next day,
for my lunch..
I went into this shop near Lumphini station
Santa Claus was reading newspaper? 
Thai Wan Ton
Thai Salad with pork
white rice in 'very cute shape'
Not sure why the Thai people like to shape their rice into all kind of shapes

Witnessed couple who was arguing on the street!

Total clothings that I managed to shop in 2 days
and only used less than 150 MYR
after shopping and testing great food
 for few days in Bangkok,
it was time to go back and end my solo trip
But since I still had a lot of Thai Baht with me
I decided to shop in airport as well~
This shop looked like a normal shop in airport to me...
but then
 I found out that..
It also sold erotic reading materials..
Thais are really open minded ~
This is the shop's name~
After reaching Hat Yai,
I took a bus from its airport to Hat Yai town
and from there,
I was supposed to take a bus to go back to Malaysia
But guess what..
No that many passengers so they changed it to minivan!
Interesting washroom sign that I saw in Hat Yai
and of course
shopped again in Hat Yai
Forgot to have my favorite thai Crab fried rice 
throughout my entire trip from Hua Hin to Bangkok
So I bought one at 7-Eleven
Not too bad actually!

At the Thai Border, 
Bukit Kayu Hitam
and it was raining.
We were moving slow as well due to the bad traffic
Ended my solo 2 weeks trip...

and now..
in less than 2 days..
my next trip is coming up!
All I can say is 
I AM Excited!
because finally I can give myself a


Monday, April 22, 2013

22-04-2013 Bong & Bangkok Part 2

Christmas Eve Party
At a very big screen 
there was this *interesting* warning
which I never seen in any club before~
The next morning 
I saw this unique 'worship thingy'~
An angel like doll on top of a durian??
White palace...
this was the place I was hosted in Bangkok~

Time to go shopping~
Notice anything interesting in this pic??
Finally reached this place 
which is always crowded with people during weekend~
Where is this place?

Thai sausages?? Lol~
It is Chatuchak!!!

Why everyone was standing still???
national anthem was played at that time!
My dinner
Bought it from 7-evelen
Not too much different 
The next day
continued my shopping
Next Grand Diamond Plaza
And this is what you will use if you wanna try on pants...
Not all shops have fitting room for customers.
Not to forget to shop on the streets around that area too~
It was Christmas ..
so sales were everywhere!!
To be continued...


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