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Thursday, May 31, 2012

01-06-2012 Bong & Before Bintulu?

Just received "good" news that
I might be transferred to Bintulu soon
and now,
I ...
don't know how I feel about that...

There are only two things in my mind
I will be much further away from my hometown
Going back Kedah will be so much more difficult 
have to fly to KL, then KL back to Kedah

I will be much further away from KL International Airport as well!!!
-----DAMN IT-----

So, before I confirm on whether I will be transferred
Time to reveal some 
never exposed pictures~

WHO took this picture??
See the ketchup that was left alone at the cornor??? 
 Pity the Ketchup...
Hopefully my destiny won't be like him..
everyone is at west while I alone in Bintulu, east Malaysia
 Tan Yoon Yeh 
( now I do realized he REALLY used to be SLIM)
Eileen Po
(and now I do realized as well
how skinny she has became..OMG)
 Cally, Min and Eileen
*Girls can pose, even with fries...*

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

23-05-2012 Bong & His Amsterdam Trip

It wasn't really a trip actually
just a few hours transit where I did some shoppings there
Of course, 
how could I not buy some souvenirs there?
Thanks for reading...
It is actually just a prank here :)
I also hope that I could visit Amsterdam ...


Thursday, May 17, 2012

17-05-2012 Bong & After Accident Chapter 4 (Gathering)

My favorite activity~
 Can you see the hand??
Ahem ahem
 Kang Hooi Yee's FOOT!!
 Someone seemed smelly here...
 Who looked better with the cap? 
Of course is ME!!
 Group picture~
 Japanese Dinner~
YUM YUM.......
Final picture...
where Mei Fang looked like being
photoshopped in the picture~

Sunday, May 13, 2012

13-05-2012 Bong & After Accident Chapter 3 (Hometown food)

Well of course,
since I went back to hometown...
how could I not eat those food that only 
I could find in Northern Malaysia???
-Kueh Chap-
What kind of 'Pau' is this?
got Lo Mai Kai (Steam Sticky rice) inside
 Chinese style Lunch~ 
 Dim Sum...
SO at the end??
I gained 3 KG...
Congratulation ~
Bong Way Kiat


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