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Thursday, May 30, 2013

29-05-2013 Bong & Korea Forth Post (My future can be as colorful as rainbow bridge?)

After walking for around 3 KM from the train station,
we finally reached the rainbow bridge..

And after watching the entertaining and colorful
'water show',
we went back to where we stayed
and looked for dinner as well~

We got very lost
but then we encountered this..
May be we could try it out? 

Only managed to get simple dinner because
most shops didn't have menu in English..
we even got rejected by one of the shops.

Luckily we met one girl who could speak mandarin in the second shop we went.
So she helped us to order the food~
This was the shop~
and you can see,
the menu was all in Korea~

Just to introduce
this was the first guesthouse that we stayed at Seoul
The room was kinda small..
One bathroom & 2 toilets shared by all guests.

An-Nyoung! Guesthouse Hongik Univ.
504-31, Yeonnam-dong


Once you reach to Hongik Univ. Station, it is a walking distance to the guesthouse within 7 minutes.

Directions from Hongik Univ. Station to the Guesthouse:
1. Standing at the top of Entrance 2 of Hongik Univ. Station, turn down the street to your left. (At Hyundai Oil Bank)
2. Go all the way down (past WA Bar) untill reach the intersection, cross the street and turn right.
3. Turn left at the first street you reach. (At Hana Bank)
4. Walk all the way to the end of the street (past GS25) and turn right. (At the CU)
5. Walk about 40 meters and look down the driveway to your right. (Across the street from the main gate of Hongik Design High School)
6. You should see the yellow sign for An-Nyoung Guesthouse on the second floor of the building at the end of the driveway.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

23-05-2013 Bong & His Birthday Present

What's next? Hmmmm


Friday, May 17, 2013

17-05-2013 Bong & Korea Third Post

After eating kukhwabbang,
We walked around Gwanghwamun area..
Saw this funny and interesting billboard of
"Blushing Monalisa" 
Not sure what filming they were doing~
Then we went to visit this museum (free entrance)
"The Story of King Sejong"
 I felt like I had entered world of Matrix at first

And after coming from a King's musuem
we saw this
"I am a King" booth~
And of course we went to queue immediately!
 Too bad the costume wasn't a complete set with shoes..
My green shoes kinda spoiled the whole feel of the picture..
But It was FREE anyway~ :)
 Next stop that we went from Gwanghwamun was Mojeongyo Bridge~

 And from that bridge,
we walked until Cheongyecheon-ro

At night,
We wanted to take a bus from the place we stayed 
to visit something that can only be visited at night~
 But we couldn't find the bus we wanted to take
So, we decided to take the subway
It was packed at Hongyik university station on Saturday night~
So, where were we going?
Stay tuned..


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

14-05-2013 Bong & Korea Second Post

After meeting up Pek Kee for lunch
and also exchanging money at a GOOD rate with her
 Time to leave these excitements behind
and start explore for new excitement!

On our way to go for first visiting place..
Hm..Where would it be?
Yes it was Gyeongbok-gung!!!
Accessible via subway Gyeongbokgung or Gwanghwamun
First of all,
took pictures with the man in traditional guard outfits~
 Really cool!
 Stilll very proud of myself
for taking this candid picture!

 Watched the royale changing of the guard ceremony
around 2pm

 Not to forget
I still managed to watch Sakura in the palace too..
not too much, but still ..
that was my first time seeing, touching, feeling REAL sakura!!

 Inside the palace...
Cute teacher with cute students..
 Underground tunnel???
all kind of pretty flowers made the surroundings more breathtaking~

 Romantic right? 
 Old Korean Train
 and other old centuries stuffs
 It was actually mirror...
if you look carefully~
 Witnessed Korean wearing their traditional clothes as well
Really beautiful~
Came out from the palace
and tried our first recommended street food

 I forgot what it is called...
but there is red bean stuffing inside if I remember it correctly

To be continued

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