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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30-03-2011 Mama & His Another "Not-at-home-again" Weekend

Sorry guys,
kinda in the hurry this time...
so just a short update~

Backpack checked :)

New camera just for this trip
checked :)

Tomorrow 5pm
Mama will be off to somewhere again...
Will be picking up my travelmate that I am going to meet for the first time
be back after 4 days...


Friday, March 25, 2011

26-03-2011 Mama & His New Territory


After showing you guys the picture
of a goat passing by my house

I am now going to show u
MORE about
a place that I am staying now

After stepping out from my house,
you can reach this place on your right

in less than 5 minutes by walking~
it is a fishing village.

After passing by the boats area
you will see

Over here,
you have some restaurants and stalls
where you can have your food and at the same time
enjoy the seaside view

and feel the breeze~
or even

watch the goats playing in the boat?

There is also a small playground for the children here...

Playing kites



And the dreamy sky

Where am I?
just taking picture of the scenery?

"No no, you cannot just stand there!"
"Then I sit lo!"

", that's too common"
"How about if I climb?"

"Perhaps you can create more shape please?"

"Now look desperate"

"Then imagine you see some hopes~"

On my way back home,

my nature alarm clock...
normally they will wake me up around 6.50am

They are actually my neighbours'
living just behind my house
That's all for this weekend.

Monday, March 21, 2011

21-03-2011 Mama & His Next Next Journey

After you have seen
which was back to hometown
Now you must be wondering
Where is he now?
he was supposed to spend one week in Permata Bangi actually.
But the program got cancelled.
he had to drive back to...

Ah...a bit too far la!

Another one!

Okay! Got it!
Kerteh (Terengganu)

Along the way..
He was a bit sad :(

Because his original plan of
giving his UTP friends a BIG surprise
has already gone out of the window...
Felt so sorry to his beloved counterpart!

he is always positive thinking~
Actually not that bad right...
he managed to see his family last weekend!
SO, smile back~

how to go from Bangi to Karak highway ar?
Damn it! Is he lost?

Nevermind...I got GPS
Faster set!

Okay...on the right track already...

Mama's little tips:
Taking picture by yourself while driving is extremely dangerous,
so it is not advisable for anyone to do that..
The road that I was driving wasn't busy
and it was only a straight road.
That's why I took some pictures
for my blog purpose...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

17-03-2011 Mama & His Next Journey

Well, shall I write more for now?
I have recently received a few feedbacks about my blog.
My readers and some self proclaimed fans
are more interested in looking at my pictures than my writing...

Few years ago, when I started blogging,
people said the way I write is very funny
that's why they like to read my blog

Now, they say the way
I photograph in pictures is funny
and of course those pictures are also interesting...
that's why they like to read my blog...

How about another few years from now?
May be I have to follow the trend like Gossip girl
switch from text and picture messages to video...
I guess I am just treating my blog
more like a business of mine now
Not my readers' fault
more likely is mine..
because I studied business
and my major is E-business
and my minor is finance... lol!
As a business-minded person
I have to think of 'Reader Relationship Management (RRM)'
to attract new readers while maintaining existing readers..

Opss...sorry, I have written a lot I know...
Back to the business
Let's see some pictures...

Clearly, I have packed to somewhere else again~
That's why I wanna say...
I won't be updating my blog this weekend!
My actual plan was to stay at homeand
take some nice pictures about the place I am staying now
For instance,

then share with you guys about my life styles...
But just like usual,
the craziness in me took over me
and I have decided to go somewhere
after I finish my work today.

So, just a brief announcement on "I am going somewhere"
and before I end this post
just to share with u guys..
my first time appearing on a TV
I mean REAL TV
not the projector with big screen for an event kind of thing


That's all for now.
I am VERY Excited!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

11-03-2011 Mama & His Sea Turtle Trip

Hi again...
Here comes mama's second weekend of my work life...
I am not really going to count my weekends in future..
because it would be Nth weekends before I get retired~

as suggested in Facebook by my friends not too long ago
We went to Cherating for a picnic this weekend!
The night before,
we went to Mesra Mall for Food & Beverage committees
to purchase what they wanna have for the picnic.

- Fiza and Fitri -

the next day we met up Nisha who is staying in Chukai.
And for those who know Nisha but never been to her house..
the thing that caught the most attention IS

the amount of SHOES they have!!!

Even in the house also got another 5 pairs of SHOES...

Okay, time to Depart!

We reached Cherating around 10++am

Setting up the tent
and then

playing at the beach of course!

Eating our Brunch



After visiting Cherating beach,
we went to the sanctuary of sea turtle =)

- UTP students trip -

Not to forget,
tried some Terengganu food at Kuala Kemaman as well

- Satar (made from fish) -

- Otak-otak (made from fish) -

- Keropok Lepor (made from fish) -

- Kerang-

and lastly,

visited the fishing village at Kuala Kemaman!

- Nisha and Fiza-

and met a new friend which I really wish
I could bring him home..

I am not sure is a him or her..

that's all about Mama's sea turtle trip
This is also Mama's first time visited Pahang state actually.
A good start for my life in Kerteh I guess,
apart from the working part....

** Wanna thank Fitri for his excellent skills **
** in taking those beautiful pictures **

Sorry for mixing some bad photos that I have taken using my phone =)

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