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Sunday, December 31, 2017

31-12-2017 Bong & His New Year Wish

Enjoy your new year eve....
Play safe but don't throw the rubbish
everywhere :)

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

27-12-2017 Bong & His First Visit to Clothing Store with Red Wine

We walked around the old town area,
shopped more souvenirs...
and got even more impressed with
all kind of tourist stuffs they sold there....
Then we walked to Franciscan Gardens
(Františkánská zahrada).
Right beside this garden there is a passage with shops
and Arne found his place for pedicure...
Meanwhile I just wandered around,
and found this rotating modern sculpture!

This is Statue of Frans Kafka,
a famous Crech writer,
with 42 mobile tiers that rotate in a fancy way!
I ended up just walking through buildings
that I did even know what they are...
Just enjoyed the nice suroundings
and fantastic weather...
After about an hour,
I met up with Arne again since he was already finished
with his pedicure. 
We continued our 'without-destination'
visiting clothing store that also sell red wine
and seeing 'special' art pieces on the street....
Those looked perhaps more like garbage
than art pieces
when they were just laying there on the street
and not in a art gallery!
We walked along the main street
at Wenceslas Square...
Passed by 
St. Henrich Roman Catholic church...
and the old railway station
Praha masarykovo nádraží....
To be continued....


Friday, December 22, 2017

22-12-2017 Bong & His Winter Update 6 (Quiet City; Home for Christmas)

The city is quiet
and my exam is delivered!


Sunday, December 17, 2017

17-12-2017 Bong & His Winter Update 5 (Christmas decoration CHECK)


Friday, December 15, 2017

15-12-2017 Bong & His Winter Update 4 (Snow...and soon Christmas)


Monday, December 11, 2017

12-12-2017 Bong & His First Strange Taste Chicken

Our first night out at Prague
was at a night club named
and I was so happy 
because it was my first time having caucasians
dancing for me!
Ahem ahem!
Next day morning,
we took the subway again...
and went directly to 
Národní třída. 
We came out at the shopping center OC Quadrio...
and started the sight seeing from there.
It was only 10 in the morning,
and there were some local people
who had beer for their breakfast....
We walked and walked,
without any direction really...
and ended up at this 
Church of Our Lady of the Snows
(Kostel Panny Marie Sněžné).
With Gothic, Renaissance
and other architectural styles,
this church has one of the
highest vaults in the whole Prague. 
After so much walking,
we started to realize...
our tummy needed food!
We walked away from the main tourist street at old town...
and discovered this little chinese restaurant
Čínské občerstvení Hai Zhong Zhou 海中洲快餐
 at a small alley from the main street.
We ordered a big bottle of
Czech beer
and two 'one-dish' rice. 
Arne ordered something more normal,
and I ordered a dish with a special name...
'Strange-taste chicken'
The taste was in a way
rather strange because it wasn't
what I had expected.
The food and drink
only costed us
188 Czech kroner 
(65 NOK/32 MYR)
Cheap and delicious!
After the satisfying lunch,
we continued the sight-seeing....
We went into this building
that we passed by the night before...
and found out that
it was actually Prague Central Station
Hlavní nádraží.
We went inside,
followed the sign
to this historical building of the station.
We got to see the railways
and this historical part....
Just like other trips that we had have,
this time we also
did not forget to send a postcard
to our friend in Tromsoe, Knut!
I just say...
the post office at Nové Město
looks amazing inside and out!
To be continued...

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