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Sunday, November 19, 2017

19-11-2017 Bong & His First Time at Golden Lane

We came out from the beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral
and our next 'stop' was the Old Royal Palace.
It started raining when we were about
to go inside...
There was not so much to see on the ground floor.
We spent not more than 5 minutes there....
and then proceeded to the first floor.
The stairs going up to were super narrow by the way.
The whole royal palace
was actually just 'so-so',
especially for people like us who are not so very interested in historical stuffs.
it was quite surprising though to see the royal palace
also has a spot that looks like
it doesn't belong there. Lol!
Within 20 minutes,
we were already done with the palace....
We passed by St. George's Basilica on the left
(though our tickets were inclusive of that),
and Rosenberg Palace on the right...
St. George's Basilica looks also very nice from the outside,
but we were already tired of church and people
at that time...
So we just continued walking...
to some places that seemed quieter...
and we ended up at the Golden Lane!
It is a narrow lane,
with small colorful houses
that have been turned into small museums
and cozy shops....
We started our journey there
with the museums or exhibitions first.
Through small and narrow stairs,
we came to the first floor
with tiny narrow walkways...
From ancient army weapons,
to costumes...
and 'container'
to protect the little willy...
not to forget,
a nice view of Prague from there too....
we think this place is slightly more interesting
than the royal palace! 
Though I didn't want to sound racist or even judgmental, 
I had to say...
the first thing that came into my mind looking at a hole
and LOTS of coins,
it was 'Chinese tourist'! lol
It was really a lot more to see
at this exhibition place at Golden Lane
than the Old Royal Palace.
But Arne was already getting bored with
these old stuffs
and all he wanted was to look and shop
at those small cozy shops...

To be continued....

Friday, November 17, 2017

17-11-2017 Bong & His Fall Update 6 (Between Fall and Winter)

Nice weather so far...
Let's hope for a nice winter too!


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

14-11-2017 Bong & His First Paid Visit to a Cathedral

This was our first tram experience
in Praha. 
We were very surprised that 
even the seats are warmed with heater!!
From Bílá labuť,
we took the tram 23 to Queen Anne's Summer Palace...
After driving through the city center,
many small alleys and uphill route...
we finally reached at the tram station Královský letohrádek.
We tried to enter Queen Anne's Summer Palace.,
but it was unfortunately closed. 
From there,
we walked to Prague Castle...
We had to go through security
in order to come into the castle area...
To enter certain buildings or areas
at the castle,
we needed to buy entrance ticket.
The entrance ticket comes in different 'packages'...
so just choose the buildings or areas you want to visit.
We passed by the entrance of St. Vitus Cathedral,
and we realized there were already many people queuing up there....
It was just another 30 minutes until the Cathedral should open.
So we joined the queue...
Just the exterior of the Cathedral
already made me feel like...WOW!
So how about its interior??
Needless to say...
we were just all the time impressed and amazed...
The whole cathedral is filled with
stunning galleries,
amazing stained glasses,
statues...etc etc.
A small corner for
history telling as well...
I read the reviews about St. Vitus Cathedral
and almost everyone says it is worth to buy the ticket to go in to see.
Without the ticket you can still go in, 
but then you can't walk around the inner area of the Cathedral,
and I must say...
It is worth to pay to get a closer look inside!
We couldn't help ourselves
but to take some more pictures 
posing outside this breathtaking cathedral...
Of course,
our tickets were not limited to just visit the Cathedral....

To be continued....