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Thursday, September 22, 2011

22-09-2011 Mama & His Trip to Thailand (Part 1)

While waiting for my next trip to
As requested by some of my friends,
I am now updating my blog with my traveling post
recently I don't have any trips going on
just because I have to save money
for my this coming trip in November.
For those who already know where I am going,
help me to keep it as a secret first..
because most of my friends
still haven't known and
I want them to guess where is the place
when the pictures are up later on~

I traveled in 3 countries in south east asia
ALONE last year for 3 weeks.
SO this post will be a detailed story of
the first country:

I firstly took a flight from KL to Bangkok
landed there and took a taxi to my friend's place
He brought me to club at night
Not to forget to watch the famous drag queen show!
and Had my first cage dancing~
I and this thai guy actually finished 2 towers of beers
but I was Still not drunk!
Of course, visiting temples can never be missed!
I took this boat
to go to the temples~
Got myself
my first singlet in my life
So that I can shop at this
-Chatuchak market-
which has more than thousand of stalls for hours!!!
My friend had to stop me
and grab me to have a drink first
That's all for Part One.
Part two will be about...
visiting the Grand Palace
and more...

For your info,
I spent less than 2 hours(I think)
to prepare for this trip .
All I did was..
print out wikitravel info
about the cities that I planned to visit
and just WENT like that!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

17-09-2011 Mama and His Can't wait ANTM ALL STARS Cycle 17 Episode 2 Photos

Spoiler!!! Lol~

Let me write down my opinions first..
see whether they are the same as the judges'..
1) Camille: The post and the facial expression are great.
very commercial
2) Sheena: Great smile..but looks very similar like the one she shot
for first week cycle 11 - Voting is sexy.. a bit bla...a bit dull
3) Bre: I don't like the face...I think the angle is not her best angle
and the pose is a bit forced
4) Lisa: it is real ugly when a model opens her mouth while chewing~
She needs to learn to tone it down sometimes
5) Isis: The pose sucks and what's up with her hand at the crotch?
The facial expression can be much softer
6) Bianca: Big smile and cute!
Showing a soft side of her but the pose is a bit obvious
7) Shannon: Good look and good pose.
High fashion yet commercial at the same time
8) Laura: Sexy and high fashion.
Great facial expression.
9) Dominique: She looks good and the picture is just average.
Nothing special about it..
10) Allison: Editorial, high fashion, sexy and cute all wrap up in one!
The big dull eye is used to the fullest potential this time around!
11) Alexandria: The hunch is great but needs a little bit more neck perhaps.
The facial expression is very sweet~
12) Angelea: Looks very soft and commercial after the make over
and also in this picture. First time showing her cute side which is great
13) Kayla: The whole pose looks kinda like half way there.

My call out order:
1: Allison
2: Laura
3: Camille
4: Shannon
5: Bianca
6: Alexandria
7: Kayla
8: Sheena
9: Isis
10: Dominique
11: Bre
12 & Eliminated: Lisa


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

13-09-2011 Mama & Group photo

This week
the theme is about embodying others culture...
and you were shot in group in Taiwan Aboriginal clothes~

Let's call out the engineering group
(From left)
Yuan Wen, Amy, Evelyn and Hui San

Andre: What I like about this pic is ..I couldn't recognize who is who...and I love that!

Nigel: You are working together extremely well......
But I guess your body language is a bit dull
and I am gonna start with Hui San...
I like your hair going down and the soft look in your eyes but I think you need to work on your pose more..

Guest judge: I agree with Nigel...your pose doesn't say fashion...but your face looks fantastic.

Tyra: Yea..I think you look a little bit too relaxed here...I wish you have more tension in your body, because I feel like the other girls are really doing a connection but you are just surfing in the middle, like not boring but not fire either!

Nigel: Yuan Wen, why are you looking so worried?

Yuan Wen: I..I know at the beginning of my photo shoot, I was giving like animalistic feel to my eyes but then Mr Jay told me to bring it down or

Tyra: So how do you think your pic?

Yuan Wen: I think my body language can be a little bit better.

Tyra: I think is fabulous~

Nigel: I think you rock in this pic...the look in your face the power in your eyes and if you can bring that kind of power to judging, i may well book you!


Tyra: Well, next I will call out Technology group
Tian tian Hao Thian, Mei Le, Xiao Min and Bongie...

Nigel: Well, I have nothing to say...Bong you steal the shot...
My eyes go straight to you...
and to me this is your best picture so far.

Stop it!

I have never in my life yelled at someone like this!
When my mother yells like this it's because she loves me...
Sexygrandma loves sexymama....
I was rooting for you,
we were all rooting for you!
How dare you!
Learn something from this!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

11-09-2011 Mama & Happy Moon Cake Festival

is the day of reunion
-Moon Cake Festival-

Year 2006
Year 2007
Year 2008
Year 2009
Year 2010
and Today
Thanks to my kind landlady for giving me the moon cake
she put it in my room while I went to work
so touching~

Happy Moon Cake Festival everyone!


Friday, September 9, 2011

10-09-2011 Mama and His Confession

Went through my pic collection just now...
then suddenly I realized
there is one thing that I never came clean to my friends....

Here is the story
Back in year 2008
Amy, Yoon Yeh, Chang Hua(from left)
Yoke Mun and me
+ Jui Boon
we all went to Genting for our mid sem break trip~
After we bought our midnight movie tickets,
Ms Yoke Mun insisted going to club
even though we got only an hour before the movie
Therefore...we followed
and for me,
when I drink pretty fast, I get high even faster
that's why after the movie...
we went back room
and then I went out to take water
When I returned back to what I thought was our room
I rang the bell for I don't know how many freaking times...
then I looked at the door...
damn! wrong room!
Ours should be next door!!!!

I quickly went back to our room
and few minutes later,
the next door people came and scolded us...
and that time,
we were all like
"Yea we were noisy but we never rang your bell!!" was me~ ha ha!!!

Finally the truth is revealed after 3 years...
Only now I remember I was the one that rang the bell
because to be honest,
when the next door came over and asked
I was so drunk until couldn't remember anything
even though it was what I did like few minutes ago only~

End of the story
End of my confession

Lesson learn:
no lesson learn,
because I am already a better drinker after being trained by Yoke Mun

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

06-09-2011 Mama & What happened when someone just wanna rush back home for holiday

When someone was rushing back to
his/her hometown for a festive celebration,
this is what happened in Kerteh, Terengganu. :)
A common phenomena in Malaysia I guess.
The car was left there just like that for about a week!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

03-09-2011 Mama & His First Boy friend and Girl friend

Started playing Sims 3 days ago
due to my super boredom during Raya Break
and now
I have my first relationship with a man
(Don't my Sims look like me~)
and awkward enough,
my first girl friend (real one)
who is my Ex now
is also playing Sims
and right now she is one of my neighbors.
For those who always want to know how my Ex looks like
this is probably the good chance to find out~

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