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Monday, July 16, 2018

16-07-2018 Bong & His Montreal Trip Part 1 - First Time in a New Continent

My trip to Montreal
started with flight from Oslo to Amsterdam....
landed early in the morning
and then next flight was a 8 hours flight
from Amsterdam to Toronto.
Got a chance to experience 
double story plane again....
Too bad I was placed at the ground floor :( 
The food was normal KLM food,
but the surprising thing was they served ice cream too on this flight!
Though it wasn't Haagen Daz (Cathay Pacific served that!),
I was still pretty satisfied!
After the 8 hours flight,
I landed
at another continent that I have never been before!
Besides using the machine to register our arrival,
we were also asked to declare all FOOD,
plants and animal products....
(reminded me of the scenes I have seen in Australia Border Security)
When I came out to the arrival,
for one second I thought I had came to some other countries but not Canada. 
The next flight was this mini jet
from Toronto to Montreal.
After a total of 12 hours traveling,
I finally reached my destination.
I bought a local bus ticket that I could use to ride a bus
from airport to city center....
The queue was pretty long,
but there was nothing else I could do than just wait patiently.
The ride took about 1.5 hours
and I stopped nearby Square Victoria.
(The bus didn't show the name of the stop,
so I had to use google map and my own instinct to decide
where should I stop).
Walking through the buildings on my way to
my hotel,
I really felt the difference like
'I am at another side of the world'!
I checked in to the hotel,
got a room with amazing view....
but my stomach told me not to spend more time
in the room.
Instead, I needed food!
The hotel itself has a very nice restaurant
with great selection of wine,
but of course that wasn't something my stomach and heart wanted!
I entered
Montreal Convention Centre
(Palais des congrès de Montréal)
and saw this Noobox asian restaurant.
All these while I have only seen seeing
this kind of asian 'food in box' express 
in movie or series...
So, I was eager to give it a try!
you make your order by ticking what you want on this sheet...
you give them your order,
and after a few minutes,
the 'combo' you have selected is ready to be picked up.
The next day,
I woke up,
spent more than 10/15 minutes trying to make myself
a cup of coffee....
and then headed to Montreal Convention Centre
But this time it was for the conference. 
Breakfast at Van Houtte,
and then lunch with my supervisor at Noodle Factory at Chinatown!
Too bad I was too shy to take any picture at Noodle Factory,
but I can guarantee you
the food was cheap and delicious!
I only joined one day symposium
and one day conference...
Personally I would say the conference is way too big for my liking.
For my dinner,
the choice wasn't difficult to make
as I just went straight to Chinatown again for my meal.
Not to say that I only like asian food,
but the thing is...
this kind of authentic asian dine out food is not possible to get in Oslo!!
I chose one that has roasted chicken and duck
hanging right in the front of their restaurant,
Restaurant Keung Kee!
The food was nice
and the portion was BIG!
Most importantly it was rather cheap too!
After the dinner,
I spent some time
walking around the Chinatown...
The second day
was the opening of CHI 2018.
I had a quick lunch
at Chinatown again...
and this time I must say,
the braised egg-plant was just so-so.
During the break,
I walked from Palais des congrès
to some places nearby just for some sightseeing.
To be continued...


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