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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12-11-2010 Dying Mama @ IRC (Graduation Part 3)

A brilliant idea of taking pictures in IRC (Information Resource Centre)
aka Library of UTP
was suggested by my dear batchmate, Hum Xiao Min today.
Well, we supposed to take pictures like this

but then it ended with with my creative friend
Tan Yoon Yeh
with his creative ideas taking pictures of IRC crime scenes...

The story began with an innocent boy who was naturally flirtatious
and unintentionally created a lot of troubles...
therefore, he had to find a way to hide

from his enemies...
including course mate's boy friend

and also...some other guys who failed to get him
and turned their 'love' to 'hatred'!!!!
Why is he so sexy?
Why? Why?
Why? Why? Why?

too bad for him...
The enemies were very strong and
they knew that he was going to hide in the crowd in IRC
they trapped him in between the sofa once he entered IRC.

and then put the sofa on him!

They also made him fall from the ladder

and the stairs
when he was trying to escape...

After that,
the murders knew that they had to hide this sexy corpse
and the only way was to ..
hide his sexiness first
which was covering him up with some boring unsexy books!
Rest in peace R.I.P

-Mama and friend's production-
Credit to Siu Ying and Xiao Min for their cameras
and also
Tan Yoon Yeh for being creative director.

What's next:
"Mama is no longer a gossip girl"

Stay tunned
especially to Aleap, Mei Le and Xiao Min.


  1. irc no ppl? can play until like that..

  2. oh my god i'm blown out of my mind. lol wat a post! i definitely 100 times salute ur courage n ur wit for not getting caught in d irc taking all those pictures! ah bong..u're truly one in a million. :) go go go!

  3. seriously...tat day damn weird come nobody notice u guys doing stuff like tis

    great pics anyway...looking forward for ur nxt post :)

  4. @ Cyang: got...but not that many

    @ Yuan Wen: Thanks thanks..make sure ur graduation album also as high fashion as mine k? lol

    @ Mei Le: i wont be caught for sure...utp irc management should thank me for making irc looks much more interesting!

    @ Min Min: whats weird about that day? i think coz not many around ...thats why no one noticed. next post will be next it when u are back in kelantan! lol

  5. Thanks Wei Han!!! do u watch antm btw?

  6. what ... Jia lim? btw, how dare u ONLY follow siew ting's blog and not follow mine?

  7. 赢了!我无言以对

  8. Damn!!! The stairs scene looks like the Murder scene in ANTM when Jaslene was the winner! Hwwwattt!!!!!

  9. @ Anonymous 1: hehe..i am really curious who u are actually...since the words u used all sound very familiar

    @ Kelvin: hehe, Thanks...ANTM rocks!

  10. You are definitely not a close friend to Bong or even his blog follower. He has explained how he got the nickname 'sexymama' in his second post.


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