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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

30-08-2016 Bong & His Weekend at Edland

Our last weekend,
we were invited to visit a friend
who has a cabin at Edland (near to Haukelifjell)
There we went for the hill-hiking
is actually next to a dam~
We parked the car
right beside the dam...
and started the hill-hiking journey~
For those that always say I
don't appear in my own blog...
one selfie for you guys~ lol
Down the hill...
in the middle of nowhere~
there can the Norwegians build cabins too...
impressive huh?
We got quite lucky with the weather
and not to forget,
some nice berries on top of the cold hills too~
We spent about 1.5 hours walking
to the one of the peaks~
We sat there,
had our packed lunch
and of course,
warm coffee....
The whole trip
took us about 3 hours~
Then we walked to
our car 
and drive to our next destination~
To be continued...


Friday, August 26, 2016

26-08-2016 Camel Toe @ Jernbanetorget


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

24-08-2016 Bong & Glassblowing @ Hadeland~

This year summer
we also visited Hadeland Glassverk~
If you think the place is only like a glass making factory
then you are wrong~
There are honey house,
home interior shop,
class shop....
farm animals...
(so adorable right)
and how can we forget....
nice cafe that serves waffle with ice-cream!
But of course,
the main thing for us
is to see the glassblowing~
the pictures explain the glass blowing process~

What a nice day there~

Sunday, August 21, 2016

21-08-2016 Bong & Where People Put Condom in Norway~

this sign says 
"Help us to keep the forest clean!"
"We fill up with condoms and lubricants in the nest box here in the forest and we need your help!"
"By putting the used condoms and packaging in the rubbish case here, 
it can be slightly more pleasant to be at the forest. For everyone!"

Nice to be in Norway~

Thursday, August 18, 2016

18-08-2016 Bong & Hovedøya in Summer

2 weeks ago~
(When the summer was still here)
we went to Hovedøya....
Going there is not difficult at all~
Just take the ferry at Aker Brygge
and the ferry departs every 30 minutes~
We thought we were kinda early~
But obviously we were very wrong...
Since it was so crowded there,
we decided to find somewhere else
more quiet~
We walked to the left hand side
from the beach....
and then found a much quieter spot!
It was so nice to swim 
and have a small picnic there~
Time just flew 
and after 3 hours of relaxation + sun bathing,
we headed home.
Well, it was nice to show Arne another island
in Oslo this summer.
For next year summer,
we set our target
to visit another island in Oslo
that we both haven't been to~


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