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Sunday, October 7, 2012

07-10-2012 Bong "I know the answer~"

 I asked you
"What is the best way to recover from a break up?"
and you told me
"Find someone new"

I realized, 
I recovered much faster than I thought
I would....

Did I find someone new?
No, I didn't
or yes, 
I think I might have.

Watching Running man
Singing Karaoke
Sharing my deepest secrets with my close friends..

and now I look at myself....
"Am I really recovered?"

The easiest way to get the answer is
asking myself
"How would I act if you asked me to be back with you?"

I know the answer.



  1. Self expression is very important. Moving on is never the answer because you can't just "stop" your feelings or being in love. Moving past the situation is a different story, but it is not that easy and it takes time and sometimes it is impossible."

    1. Anyway, no matter how hard it is, i will try and i think i am doing pretty good. Thanks Will.