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Friday, November 2, 2012

02-11-2012 Bong & Drenched

Is it too late to ask for love? 难道,现在让你爱我,太晚了?
Is it wrong to feel right? 难道,不应该让你知道我们的感觉是对的?
When the world is winding down 当世界,被风吹落
Thoughts of you linger around 而我的脑海里却只有你在游荡
Have we lost our minds? 你是否忘记了我们的曾经
What have we done? 忘记了我们所做过的?
But it all doesn't seem to matter anymore 不过,一起似乎都不重要了

When you kissed me on that street,I kissed you back 当你在那条街吻我,我吻回你
You held me in your arms,I held you in mine 你我彼此拥入怀中
You picked me up to lay me down 你把我收入怀中就是为了把我放下
When I look into your eyes 当我凝视你的眼
I can hear you cry for a bit more of you and I 我能听到你的哭泣,不止因为你和我
I'm drenched in your love 我沉浸在你的爱
I'm no longer able to hold it back. 可是,我再也不能找回你


  1. listen to this -->> 可惜不是你

    1. why wanna listen to 可惜不是你?? u wanna tell me that?? lol~


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