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Sunday, June 2, 2013

02-06-2013 Bong & Korea Fifth Post (May my future blossom like this too)

In the second day early morning, 
we took train from Hongik University Station to ..
 Gang Nam!

So what were we doing in Gang Nam??
Came all the way just for breakfast? 
No way...

we were looking for bus..
Right in front of this Paris Croissant
 Yes, Bus no 5002
That's how you can go to Everland!
After roughly 1 hour bus journey,
we finally arrived Everland! 
There were quite a lot of people because it was weekend~ 
 Got our tickets~
 at a discounted price..
Thanks to CFC!
 It was actually tulip festival when we went there

 CFC (Chung Farn Chon) 
 I was posing glamorously 
but actually my shoes lace was loose
So this was what actually happened!
Credit to CFC!
On our way going to the roller coaster! 
 But before that...
Why not have a look at the tulip first~

The garden was crowded with people~
and also..
 To be continued