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Sunday, April 12, 2015

12-04-2015 Bong & His Trip to Penang Part 10 (The final post of its art, beauty & heritage)

There are more and more 
both art preservation and development
in these recent years in Penang~
The famous street art
"Children playing basketball"
"Children on a swing"
where you can also place your children there and take picture~
Before we left this beautiful island,
we went to this shop again~
to shop a special souvenir that we really wanted!
This shop is highly being recommended 
to pay a visit to~ 
14 Living Story (14 号生活馆)
This was where we went in the first day to write the chinese calligraphy~
Penang heritage 
is always nice to be looked at~
We passed by old buildings that are kept how they looked like
from its initial construction~
Our last place to visit in Penang
was this Church Street Pier~
It looked kinda ...
not so interesting at the first glance~
But there was this 
nice pub restaurant at the pier...
where people can enjoy some drinks,
and nice views~
So there was where and how we ended our trip~
Arne with his nice beer
and me with my selfie~
With all the things we bought at Penang,
we headed home with very nice memories of this place...

Hope to see you again,

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