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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

24-02-2010 SickMama

First of all..
thanks to those who like
"be sexy be happy"
u know who u are =)

Why sickMama?
coz Mama is sick now...
and that makes Mama doesn't know what to do
and where to go for this coming weekend...

Watched 'True Legend' 蘇乞兒 with my UTP friends yesterday
suddenly thought of a few romance/love movies that I had watched
some love stories are sweet
because the lovers have perfect ending..
some love stories are more than just sweet
they are memorable...
because their loves are unusual
just like time traveler's wife
I really like the scene where the time traveler has died,
but he managed to appear in his wife's present
because he came from his present
to his wife's future..
even though his wife couldn't get old together with her loved one..
she had so many powerful story in her life..
that she could recall anytime she wanted to

A or B
B or C...
I never knew my own feeling very well actually
when I was terribly sick these few days
I always saw the same person in my dreams
let call this person Z...
but I don't think I have any feeling towards this Z
just don't know why
Z always appear in my dreams
-not sure whether I have accidentally called out Z's name or not-
(lol~ if got, Anderson untung lor)
I also don't think that I and Z would have any kind of future
may be Z is just some powerful stories in my life
When Mama is old
and If Mama have grandchildren,
Mama can tell the grandchildren stories about Z.

update about A and B?
may be next time
Mama needs to rest now
hopefully can get totally recovered
so that Mama can have another exciting weekend

be sexy
-be healthy-



  1. wonder you get sick, when you have to use the entire alphabet. You need to slow down, young man ;) Is kind of funny...i got time traveler's wife last night and is going to watch it tonight. Hope you will feel better soon. I am trying to figure out if your rating goes from A to Z or from Z to A. Guess it has to be Z to A, since the one you are thinking of when you feel sick and down, would be the one that you think would care for you the most.

  2. now got another Z huh? lol~

  3. Tommy: there is no rating for A to Z...
    u know that very well now =)



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