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Friday, March 5, 2010

06-03-2010 "E"

This post is going to be really simple
because Mama is busy with many things
Final Year Project,
upcoming tests...

okay, cut the craps
this post is about
Utpian can start guessing who this person is already
since my friends who read my blog really like to guess on those
"Alphabet People" in my blog
Mei Fang said she knows who "Z" is
wkaka wkaka
don't know her answer is correct or not...
she haven't told me yet

Back to "E"
and oh yah..
for those non Utpian friends
u guys can continue reading this post as well..
because it relates to my plan for future!
and I think I never mentioned to you guys yet!

okay...BACK to "E"
E is a 'she'.
and she told me that
she is fans of my blog
that's why I told her I am going to blog about her

E is not someone who I super close to
I am sure she would agree too
The only time I would think of her is...
when I talk about
my "How to get a baby" plan

She sort of forced me to admit that I am one of her "family" members in FB
(if U are always updated in FB..u might know what kind of family that is)
and that's why she is related to my "baby-getting" plan
(at this point of time)
prefer to be single
and prefer not to have marriage in future
I would like to have my own child
that's why I came out with this idea
which is
having a babe with "E"
without marrying her...
(E must be shocked now)
ha ha~

that's all about E for now

* There are also updates about A and B *
I talked to both of them last night
at the same time actually
even though both are from different time zones
(before this they were at the same time zones)
(Netherlands and Norway)
now A has left Amsterdam and back to Bangkok
A updated me about A's A..
while B updated me about B's visitor from Malaysia..
actually I am pretty happy that B doesn't like the guest that much
ha ha!
how evil I am~
that's all for today
Mama is going Bali next week
hopefully got people buy me drinks la!

-Hope E will like this post about her-



  1. Now I am wondering abt one thing.
    Does "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" represent a person respectively?

  2. E, is maybe a good thing in life.... maybe risky but loads of fun too. But better know each other very well before anything happen.
    I think you better start thinking on the Thai Alphabet, it has 44 options....
    A(nl)is with an A(bkk) but sure huggies is still on my mind :-) Don't worry about A he is strong when needed. XXXX Huggies

  3. A= anonymous?
    U= unknown?
    W= who?
    s= siapa?

  4. Chia Yang: Only a few alphabets are taken for now =)
    lol~ u wanna be C? or Y?

    Wendy: Who is Z??? lol~

    Anonymous: first anonymous i think i know who u are...
    the second one...sorry la~ i seriously dont know
    but for sure is Malaysian~ lol


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